Toddler Favorites – The Movie – DVD & CD Baby Kids Learning Product Review

Inspired by the platinum selling CD of the same name (over 1.3 million sold), Toddler Favorites – The Movie is a creative combination of 3-D animation and live action footage featuring adorable young children and is a brilliant addition to every toddler’s viewing.  These classic favorite children’s songs are brought to a new life as the famous Teapot from “I’m A Little Teapot” helps teach shy Teeny Teacup (the voice of Cree Summer from A Different World, Clifford The Big Red Dog, Rugrats, Tiny Toons) how to find her singing voice. The sweet Teapot-Teacup connection and the unique music arrangements make this the perfect tool to inspire young ones to find their voice and bring music into their life.

Bonus CD Track-listing:
1. Teapot Intro
2. I’m A Little Tea Pot
3. The Wheels On The Bus
4. 1, 2 Buckle My Shoe
5. Old MacDonald Had A Farm
6. Alphabet Song
7. Happy Birthday To You!
8. Where is Thumbkin?
9. Ring-Around-The-Rosy
10. Apples And Bananas
11. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
12. Teacup Triumph

If you think you can put any DVD on and expect little ones to instantly tune in – it would be clear that you have no children! Kids today have the chance to watch so many different forms of media – from TV shows to DVDs, cartoons to music videos. They can watch on the TV, they can watch on a phone or computer. There is no shortage of media swirling around ready to attract their little attentions. The good news is this – pop in Toddler Favorites DVD and you have an hour of enjoyable and entertaining kid entertainment that will keep their focus, and keep them laughing, smiling and singing – a task that is definitely easier said than done, but handled perfectly by this movie!

As with all DVDs and CDs we only permit ourselves 4 stars. Simply put, little hands leave little fingerprints and little smudges all over anything they touch. DVDs – especially ones that they want you to play for them – are no exceptions! If you can be the only person to handle the DVD – then no worries – it will last just fine. But if you’ve got wandering little hands expect it to break down a little quicker!

We are so happy when a cartoon or a DVD that doesn’t have the word Pixar in the title is still visually interesting to kids – and this one is! Toddler Favorites combines some amazing, unique animation with video of real kids mixed into animated scenes along with some of the most classic kids songs of all time. Put it all together and you have a visually interesting, visually entertaining presentation that kids will definitely love watching!

Toddler Favorites entertains. It educates. It gets kids singing and dancing. But all in all, we are talking about a DVD – so it doesn’t transform, come apart or give a chance for re-building. The Bonus CD includes some fantastic songs perfect for playing in the car so that is definitely a plus.

We hope you are sitting down for this…maybe take a deep breath…grab a cup of water…ok…ready?! This DVD & CD Package is priced at $9.99! Not $15.99! Not $19.99! Not $24.99! It’s priced at $9.99! Can you say perfect pricing! We can! Too often it seems that kids products are priced at a point to keep parents from wanting to make the purchase. With Toddler Favorites you are getting an hour long DVD and a CD – for the incredibly fair price $9.99! We are almost willing to say the price of the set is generous (but let’s keep that between us because we don’t want the manufacturer to catch wind a knock it up a few dollars)!

Cartoons – check. Classic kid’s songs – check. Have we seen these two before – check. Yet, Toddler Favorites pairs interesting animation with fun versions of the classic tunes and is able to come up with a cool, original feel. It’s not easy – believe us – when you try to make “A Little Teapot” new again! But we definitely like what Toddler Favorites did here. Kudos to making some of the standards new again!

Overall it is hard not to fall in love with this DVD and CD set! First off – the pricing. Don’t get us wrong, if you had a boring DVD or CD and priced it well, we wouldn’t be interested. But this is a great DVD and and CD – and priced perfectly! Moms and Dads – feel comfortable with this purchase – you are getting more than your money’s worth. Next, the animation and the songs are wonderful – they really are – your kids will love them. We can go on from there – but what else is there to say? Well priced and fun for kids – Toddler Favorites – The Movie – DVD & CD is a great addition to your collection!

Manufacturer: Musical KIDZ - Music for Little People
Recommended Age: 1 year - 4 years
Retail Price: $9.99
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