Hexbug Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set

Battle your HEXBUG Nanos with the Bridge Battle Habitat Set. Nanos enter the arena through one-way gates and battle against one another until only one remains!

Each Bridge Battle Habitat Sets comes with 2 extremely rare Nano mutations and 29 easy connect pieces, giving you the freedom to get creative and see how many ways your Nanos can battle!

  • Contains 2 extremely rare mutations
  • Everything you need to battle your HEXBUG Nanos!
  • Contains:
    • 1 easy connect Bridge Battle Piece
    • 6 easy connect curved pieces
    • 2 easy connect straight pieces
    • 4 easy connect hex cell pieces
    • 16 easy connect standoff pieces
    • 2 HEXBUG Nano specimens

The Hexbug Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set is without question easy to use! First off, the set includes all of the pieces you need to get started – 2 Hexbug Nanos and 29 easy-connect pieces. Notice we said “easy-connect” – because they are. Children on the lowest end of the age range (3) will be able to work with an adult to built, construct and create their ultimate Bridge Battle arena. And pretty much all kids older than 3 were able to build their set on their own. Once you’ve built your battle arena – turn the Nanos on and let the battle (fun) begin! Easy as can be!

Here’s an interesting one – the Hexbug Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set is actually durable. First off, the pieces to the bridge battle are all solid plastic that fit together easily and come apart easily. There isn’t any struggling or twisting to get the pieces together or apart – so they will last just fine. Next – and this is key – the Hexbug Nanos themselves have a battery already in and ready to go – and the battery lasts and lasts! Unlike some other toys on the market that seem to put in half-run-dry batteries with their sets, the Nano batteries don’t run out of juice any too quickly. And when they do – you can replace them without much struggle. Fantastic durability for an electronic toy of this nature!

Seriously?! Visual Appeal?! Set one of these numbers up in front of a group of kids between theĀ ages of 3 and 11 and their eyes just light up. The younger kids are amazed at the way the Hexbug Nanos navigate the course and move. The older kids immediately start thinking of new ways to construct the battle field. We were even impressed to see some little girls really get into the Hexbug Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set! Without question, this set has tons of Visual Appeal!

There are other battle-style sets out their for other toys (we won’t name names) that are basically a plastic circle and the little toys go in and knock around for a while. That is not the case with this set! First off kids can create what seems like an endless amount of bridge battle designs – and that alone can keep them busy for hours. Then add in that you can play with the included Nanos without the set and you’ve added more fun around the house. We were definitely impressed to see just how long our kids could play and play and play with this set!

The Hexbug Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set isn’t inexpensive. In a blind survey our parents priced it right around $25. With an actual retail price of $39.99 it is definitely more expensive than some of our team had expected. With that said – our parents put their price tag on it before they saw the fun and functionality of the set in action. Once our parents saw that this was the kind of toy that their kids weren’t going to get bored of in a few minutes, the thinking did start to turn a bit. Bottom line, this goes pretty far above the $20 threshold many of our parents set for toys and birthday gifts, but if you are looking for something special and aren’t turned off by spending a few extra dollars, you are definitely going to get a toy that your kids will use and enjoy!

The Hexbugs themselves are all original and all wonderful – that’s for sure. There is no way to turn one of these guys on, let it loose and not enjoy the wriggling, moving, bouncing fun they bring. Seriously. Then add in the adjustable, buildable, customizable Bridge Battle Habitat Set and we are talking some super originality. Like we mentioned before, there are other “battle-type” sets out that are simply are what they are – out of the box and ready to go. But this set gives your kids control – they create – they set up the battle, break it down, and start all over again. Now that is original!

The Hexbug Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set is one of those toys that your kids are just going to love. First off, it includes everything they need to get started right out of the box – all of the pieces and 2 Nanos that already have their batteries. Next, they’ll be able to construct, de-construct, and re-construct theĀ battle field just how they want – so they are in for hours of creative, imaginative fun. The pieces are built to last – so there should be no breakdown concerns. Yes, the price is a bit high, we’ll agree to that, but when you see everything that is included and how it all works together, you may soften your pricing stance a bit. Overall this is one toy that your kids are absolutely going to love to receive and love to play with over and over again! You can’t ask for much more than that!

Manufacturer: Innovation First Labs, Inc.
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $39.99
On the Web: www.hexbug.com
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