Marshmallow Bow & Mallow Double Barrel Crossbow

The Marshmallow Double Barrel Crossbow, with space for up to 50 mini marshmallows, is the ultimate in bow-and-mallow technology. Enter the scene with this marshmallow gun, and your friends will be on guard. Put everyone in a sticky situation with this marshmallow crossbow, which lets you shoot from 30 feet away!

So – it looks amazing – there’s no question – but how does it work? Well…not that easily. First off, you’ll need to load two barrels worth of marshmallows. And what we found is that if the marshmallows aren’t loaded in perfectly, you are going to be dealing with a lot of misfires. Next, you’ll need to place the loaded barrels into the crossbow, which takes a little more skill than some of the younger crowd could handle. Then comes firing…pull back on the crossbow and let her rip! If you’ve loaded the marshmallows correctly, and loaded the barrels correctly, and you are strong enough to pull back on the bow – you’ve got an awesome explosion of marshmallow thunder! If any of the three above factors doesn’t work out for you, well, we’re talking misfireville for you. Bottom line, younger kids had a hard time loading the marshmallows and pulling back the bow – not as big of a deal for older kids. All in all, not quite as easily as we had hoped for.

The one thing about firing off mini-marshmallows is that once you run out of supplies you are stuck…meaning your kids won’t be able to use the crossbow until you restock marshmallows. And…if your kids have a hard time loading the barrels back into the bow, that is going to work negatively against the overall durability. So…stock up on marshmallows and teach your kids patience in loading in the barrels…otherwise this toy may not live up to the hype.

Speaking of living up to the hype…seriously…the Double Barrel Crossbow looks absolutely amazing! There is no question this marshmallow weapon has some serious eye appeal. If one kid in the neighborhood has this – all are going to want it!

Functionality sort of falls in with Durability for us. First off – there are only so many marshmallows Moms and Dads are going to buy for their kids – and once they run out the fun is over. Second, and maybe even more importantly – there just aren’t that many places a kid can go these days to have a marshmallow war! Seriously…this can’t go to school and you don’t want it shot in the house. And again, if your kids do find the right time and place to shoot off their marshmallows, the bag is going to run empty eventually, and they’ll be waiting for you to head to the store for reinforcements.

We are starting to earn a reputation as being a bit of a penny-pinching crew – and fortunately or unfortunately – that reputation is well earned. The problem here is that the price is high to begin with – with a suggested retail price at $36. Add in the fact that unlike expensive water guns (which we aren’t huge fans of either) your ammo is not endless. For a kid to fully enjoy the Double Barrel Crossbow, you are going to have to buy them a lot of marshmallows…and that equals more money on top of what we feel is already a pretty steep price.

So what the Double Barrel Crossbow lacks in Cost Efficiency it certainly makes up for in Originality. It takes a very unique, untethered, and slightly skewed mind to come up with something this cool and this much fun to shoot. Yes – we are talking an all original piece of havoc creating fun.

This is such a tough review to do because on one hand we definitely think the price is high, and we just aren’t sure how much use your kids will really get out of this. However, and this is a big however, when the Double Barrel Crossbow is firing marshmallows unexpectedly at friends there is an immense amount of joy that comes with it! When it works properly, the Double Barrel Crossbow is amazing! Your kids will love it, and they’ll laugh away the hours torturing everyone in site with marshmallows raining down from all angles. If you don’t mind the price, and you don’t mind the constant expense of buying more marshmallows, you just may be awarded the “Coolest Parent Ever” award when you pick up a Double Barrel Crossbow for you kid!

Manufacturer: Marshmallow Fun Company
Recommended Age: 6 years and up
Retail Price: $35.95
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