Farkle Frenzy from Patch Products

Farkle Frenzy adds an exciting new dimension to the classic Farkle dice game! Now everyone rolls at the same time to try and score the most points. Press down the funky Bubble Hub to vibrate and bounce the common die, and then let the fun begin! Take a risk and roll to collect scoring dice on the stepped Dice Risers, and race to fill yours first!

If your kids have played Farkle before they will have no trouble picking up the rules, the fun, and let’s face it the addiction that is Farkle! So – first step – learn how to play Farkle and you’ll be ahead of the game with Farkle Frenzy. The biggest difference players find is that instead of using 6 dice, you are using 5 – and all players share a common die. A player pushes down on the funky Bubble Hub, once it finishes popping and bouncing around, the common die is set and the Farkle fun begins! Start placing your dice into the unique dice riser to start scoring. If your kids already know how to play Farkle – no problems here. If your kids have never played Farkle, it will just take a few practice rounds to learn, improve and become addicted!

As a game designed for older kids we have no durability concerns with Farkle Frenzy. The Dice Riser holds together well, and as far as we are concerned, kids that are older than 8 years old (the recommended age) should have no problem keeping track of all of the dice.

If your kids have played Farkle they are going to flip when they see how Farkle Frenzy looks (and plays)! The Dice Riser just looks cool – and offers key function to the game. Lots of dice – lots of fun – Farkle Frenzy truly looks awesome!

Farkle is a unique, highly playable, highly functional game in and of itself. By sharing a common die, Farkle Frenzy takes it to another level. Every game plays differently – and when it comes to functionality for a game we think that is about all you can ask for!

In a blind survey our review team priced Farkle Frenzy right around $20. With a suggested retail price of $21.99, Patch Products seems to have pretty much perfectly priced this game.

Remember, Farkle Frenzy is based off of the original game of Farkle – so we can’t exactly say we’ve never seen anything like this before. But, and this is a big but, we think Patch Products didn’t do anything to harm the original game, but actually improved on it. By adding the common die feature all players are tied together – and that makes for more fun and more interaction. Well done.

Oh Farkle – we didn’t think you could get any more fun – but the Patch Products team kept their brains working and they actually came up with a way to improve on their fantastic game! Once you master (or at least understand) the concepts behind Farkle, you’ll be able to take your play to a whole new level with Farkle Frenzy! The game is durable, and will last. The new design is super-cool, and your kids will definitely be drawn to it. Add in that Farkle Frenzy is priced well and actually improves on the original Farkle concept and we are talking about one serious game. If you’ve been searching for a game to add into your family game night rotation – search no further – Farkle Frenzy is it!

Manufacturer: Patch Products
Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Retail Price: $21.99
On the Web: www.patchproducts.com
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