Tot Talk Geography, Sports and Early Learning Placemat Gift Sets

Tot Talk’s educational activity placemats are right at the table where children are throughout the day with siblings and parents creating talking points and ongoing learning. Tot Talk Placemats are thick, durable and have double sided education material. Each Tot Talk Gift Set includes three placemats. Placemats can be used with crayons or washable markers and wash clean.

Tot Talk’s Placemats are certainly easy to place underneath your child’s plates, especially when you are the one preparing the food! Easy. Now – getting the kids to actually pay attention to the learning that is on the placemats – different story. With a little inspiration from active and involved parents there just may be a shot to engage your kids at a meal time discussion. Geography, sports, the alphabet – depending on the learning level of your kids you’ll have a new tool to work with them.

Like all kids placemats, they are going to take a beating. Of course some will hold up better than others – and a lot of that depends on how easy your kids are on them. If your kids are neat, the placemats can last a bit longer. If your kids are extra messy, and the placemats are going to require a lot of extra washing and drying they will break down a bit quicker.  Additionally, while the placemats are designed to be used with crayons and washable markers, we found the more that they were worked on and washed, the sooner they may dry up, crack or break down.  Keep in mind, during our entire review process (which lasted a week or so in this case) we found no breakdown or cracking – our Review Team was calling on experiences with other place mats that no matter how well made they are eventually start to show some wear and tear.

So they may not have your child’s favorite super hero or Disney character on them – but really isn’t that kind of nice when you think about it! With Tot Talk’s Placemats you are giving your kids a learning opportunity that looks cool. We like that – alot!

When Tot Talk set out to design their placemats it is easy to see what they were thinking – take an item that parents use everyday with their kids, and give the kids a chance to learn. The placemats have info and learning opportunities on both sides, can be used with crayons and dry erase markers, and can be washed off and used again. Oh -and they’ll keep your table clean too! Now that’s a lot of function!

So…as always…our team seems to end up being the most difficult in the Cost Efficiency Category. With so many placemats available at the dollar store, many of our parents felt that the $12.00 price tag for 3 placemats was a bit steep. We were quick to remind them of the washability factor and the learning factor, but some were still hesitant to budge. Some parents felt for $12 they wanted 12 placemats.  However, if you do scan the market for kids placemats you will see there is definitely a very wide variety.  For some, the pricing is through the roof  – we’ve seen $15 for 1!  For others, such as at the dollar store, pricing is $1 for 1.  At $12 for 3 placemats you are looking at $4 per.  Perspective here is the key…do you prefer high priced, dollar store or somewhere in between!

As a parent, we’ve all seen placemats. And as a parent we’ve even seen some that take a shot at teaching. We have not, however, seen any that go to the lengths that Tot Talk does. For that, these stay on the plus side of Originality!

So really, how can you not think the Placemat Gift Sets from Tot Talk are a good idea. Once you get past the price (if your dollar store allegiance permits), you are going to find a nice improvement on your standard kid’s placemat. You’ve got two sides of learning, interesting topics, great artwork and room for crayon and dry-erase marker work. Then wash them off and use them again. If you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, Tot Talk Placemats are going to give your kids an excellent learning opportunity in a casual environment!

Additional note: Our Buy It link takes to you to Amazon where each placemat is sold for @$5.  To receive the Gift Set discount (3 placemats for $12) you’ll want to check out Tot Talk’s own website at

Manufacturer: Tot Talk, Inc.
Recommended Age: Early Learning - 2 - 6 years, Sports - 3 - 8 years, Geography - 3 - 12 years
Retail Price: $12.00
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