Le bibble – Baby Bottle Bib

Le bibble is a patent-pending baby bottle bib designed by a Mom to make the bottle feeding experience simpler, cleaner and more for fun for both Mom and baby!  Available in 10 designer prints, Le bibble has an organic cotton underlay for wiping dribbles.

You want easy? Le bibble is easy! It holds on better than a burp cloth, and catches milk from the bottle where you need it most – around the bottle! Slide Le bibble onto your baby’s bottle and it will take care of catching all of the bottle leaks! Dab around baby’s mouth to catch all dribbles! Easy!

Made of 100% organic cotton Le bibble is designed to get messy – and it does a fantastic job catching the leaks and dribbles. Le bibble is machine washable for easy cleaning. After a few washings we saw no major breakdown of fabric or seams, however like all baby products designed to get messy, Le bibble is going to only last so long before showing signs of wear.

Super cute! Le bibble comes in a number of styles and colors perfect for every baby! Place a Le bibble around your baby bottles and you’ll be hard pressed to hold back the oohs and aahs!

Functionality was definitely one of the most discussed categories of this review. In all reality, Le bibble is a pretty simple product and a pretty brilliant idea. It differentiates itself from a burp cloth by wrapping itself around baby’s bottle. It’s cute, and it catches the leaks and dribbles. That’s it’s design and that’s what it does. It doesn’t go beyond that, however, and looking for an improvement on a burp cloth some of the folks on our review team were hoping for more.

With a suggested retail price of $12 members of our review team debated Cost Efficiency for quite a while. Yes, Le bibble is absolutely adorable. Yes, Le bibble has a designer feel. However, some felt in comparison with a burp cloth or wash cloth, Le bibble was just too expensive. On the other hand – this is a designer, fashionable accessory that adds a fun look and unique features. At some point you have to acknowledge that you get what you pay for – and with Le bibble you are paying a few dollars more for the fun and function. Bottom line – as a gift or an add on, Le bibble is in the price range, a bit on the high end, but still in range.

It’s a brand new idea that we’ve never ever seen before. Add in the fact that the folks from Le bibble came up with plenty of adorable styles and designs to choose from and you are looking at an all-new, all-original product.

Overall our team thought Le bibble was a super-cute, super-fun accessory for baby. It is priced a bit higher than your average burp cloth, but all in all it does do more. Le bibble holds on to the bottle, catches leaks, and is easily accessible to dab up all of baby’s dribbles. The fun fashion styles are perfect for Moms and baby, and being machine washable helps out with ease of use. An excellent add on to a baby gift or a special accessory to outfit your baby in style. If you are looking for something new and unique, look no further than Le bibble!

Manufacturer: bibble LLC
Recommended Age: Newborn to 2 years
Retail Price: 1 for $12, 3 for $33
On the Web: www.lebibble.com
Buy It Here: www.lebibble.com