Kimochis…Toys with Feelings Inside – Bella Rose & Mixed Pack #3

Kimochi (KEY.MO.CHEE) means “feeling” in Japanese.  Kimochis™ characters come with small pillows with a feeling (happy, sad, silly, brave…) printed on one side, and the corresponding facial expression on the other.  Each character comes with three feelings and a how-to Kimochis™ Feel Guide introducing the personalities of the characters and offering parents easy tips and engaging activities to help strengthen the parent-child connection and teach children to identify and express feelings in positive ways.

Bella Rose is sensitive and sweet. Being sensitive can be a blessing, but sometimes it can be a challenge. When Bella Rose’s feelings get hurt, she tends to close up. Bella Rose comes with three feelings: Happy, Sensitive, Insecure.

Kimochis™ Mixed Feelings Pack 3 contains six feelings to add to your emotional vocabulary. Feelings included: Sleepy, Surprised, Embarrassed, Guilty, Excited, and one Make-Your-Own Blank feeling.

In its most basic form Kimochis™ can be seen as adorable stuffed animals. But in truth – they are so much more! If you look at it simply, hand over one of the Kimochis™ and let your child enjoy. Yet when it is time to learn, that’s when Kimochis™ really take off. The genius is in the design. Each Kimochis™ character comes with a set of three Feelings. Bella Rose includes Sensitive, Happy and Insecure. Through these Feelings characters parents and educators can explore feelings and emotions. You can talk through these feelings, how they affect everyone at different times, and how to cope with them. Kimochis™ Mixed Pack includes 6 more Feelings to talk through with kids.

The amazing part for us was that with a little prompting, a little discussion, the Kimochis™ really help get your kids talking about feelings. And once they start talking about feelings you can work with them to understand their feelings, how to express them, and how to cope. Is it as simple as handing over a doll? No. But with the right level of engagement, Kimochis™ definitely help open the conversation.

Kimochis™ are dolls for kids – so they are certainly made to hold up to the playing, tossing, tugging that goes along with that. They can be spot cleaned when they inevitably get a little messy, but you won’t want to toss them into a washing machine. The Feelings dolls are fairly tiny, and without a close eye may end up lost or misplaced.

No worries here – one Kimochis™ Doll is cuter than the next! Bella Rose looks like she is hatching from a flower…and the Feelings dolls are brightly colored and adorable! Explore the entire Kimochis™ line and you are sure to find the perfect match for your child!

Can a stuffed animal really have functionality? When thought and a purpose goes into the design – you bet it can! Again, on the surface Kimochis™ are plush animals or dolls for your child to play with. But when you take it a step further and explore the Feelings with your kids the function suddenly goes off the charts! The Mixed Pack of Feelings even has a blank doll for your kid to create their own Feeling with for even more function!

Bella Rose has a suggested retail price of $25, and the Mixed Pack has a suggested retail price of $12. Both certainly aren’t the most expensive plush animals or dolls we have ever seen, but they aren’t inexpensive. Remember, Kimochis™ are a learning tool – and when used as such the price becomes a bit easier to swallow.

We absolutely love the way Kimochis™ combine fun and learning. The Kimochis™ themselves are fun for kids to play with, and the Feelings are fun for kids to learn with. Combining the fun with an exploration of emotions in a super-kid friendly way is definitely original in our book!

Is it possible to not fall in love with Kimochis™ from the first second you wrap your arms around them? No – not really! There are Kimochis™ perfect for every type of little boy or girl, and the Feelings fit us all at one time or another. The Kimochis™ themselves are soft and adorable. The Feelings are super-cute. But truthfully the best part for us is the way that Kimochis™ open up the discussion on feelings and emotion. In our hyper-sensitive times where kids feel so much so fast and so often, the earlier that we can open up a dialogue on what they are feeling and why they are feeling that way, the better we all will be. We think that is Kimochis™ message – and we couldn’t love it any more!

Manufacturer: Plushy Feely Corp
Recommended Age: 3 to 10 years
Retail Price: Bella Rose - $25.00, Feelings Mixed Pack #3 - $12.00
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