Galloping Minds – Preschooler Learns Numbers and Counting with Animals

Preschooler Learns Numbers and Counting with Animals DVD is aimed at teaching young ones counting 1 to 10, counting in reverse and more. The story lines and characters are designed for captivating early learners. Introduces the concepts of Addition, Subtraction, Equality, More or Less, and Patterns.

The very first thing you are going to find when you pop this DVD in is that for little ones it is actually pretty entertaining. The music starts and your kids are going to start dancing a bit, the animation comes in and your kids are going to key in, and while they are enjoying, the learning concepts just sort of sneak up on them! Let’s be honest here – we all know little kids will pretty much watch whatever you put on the TV for them, but the Preschooler Learns Numbers DVD will hold their attention and teach at the same time.

If you’ve been reading our reviews for a while now, you know that books, DVDs and most board games aren’t going to earn more than 4 stars in our Durability category. Tiny, messy fingers are sure to smudge any DVD they handle – and if you have little kids – you know they insist on handling the DVD themselves.

This was a tricky category for us and here’s why – there is so much amazing animation out there for little kids today that companies and programs really need to be at the highest level to compete. It isn’t exactly the most fair comparison, but little kids are watching Word World and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the animation on those shows blow pretty much everything away. That all isn’t to say that kids won’t enjoy the animation on the “Preschooler Learns Numbers” DVD, but 9 times out of 10 they are going to prefer the more highly produced national television series.

In one half-hour DVD the folks from Galloping Minds have packed in lots and lots of early learning counting and math concepts. There really is just a lot of substance there. In addition, there are lots of animals working with the numbers – including a polar bear, zebra, cats, crocodiles, penguins, flamingos, bees, frogs, bats, ducks and more. The learning starts immediately, and doesn’t let up until the end. Now that is a lot of functionality.

With a suggested retail price of $14.99 our team found this DVD to be a bit on the high side. With only about a half-hour of time on the DVD in total, it seems like the price could be a bit lower. Or, the flip side, for $14.99 you want your kids to have a lot more learning opportunity than just a half-hour’s worth. Yes, we know this is a pretty strong educational DVD, designed with specific learning goals in mind…but with so many DVDs hitting the bargain bins at retail outfits across the country, we like our DVD prices a lot closer to $5 than $15!

“Preschooler Learns Numbers” isn’t the first learning DVD we’ll ever see – and it certainly isn’t the last. We like the learning concepts involved, but again, we’ve seen math on a DVD before and we are sure to see it again. What does keep the originality factor on the high side is the original artwork and characters, but we can’t say for sure that these characters have the staying power of some of your Curious George’s or Barney’s out there.

When it comes to a solid learning tool, you can almost always expect a positive review from our team. With so many toys on the market that are mindless (or worse!), you’ll find us always jumping in the corner of an item that teaches. This is no exception! Galloping Minds – Preschooler Learns Numbers and Counting with Animals DVD is fun for kids to watch and easy to use. The concepts that are taught are important ones, and are presented in a fun and entertaining way. This isn’t the most over-produced learning tool that we have ever seen, and it isn’t the least expensive, but if you are looking for something that is different than an ordinary cartoon, and teaches while your kids watch, Galloping Minds Preschooler Learns Numbers and Counting with Animals is definitely a strong choice!

Manufacturer: Galloping Minds
Recommended Age: 1 year to 4 years old
Retail Price: $14.99
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