The Laurie Berkner Band Party Day! DVD with Bonus CD!

Get ready for a non-stop celebration when you spend a Party Day with the Laurie Berkner Band! Join Laurie, Susie, Adam, and Bobby on a musical adventure as they travel to a Costume Party, a Birthday Party, and finally a Pajama Party.

Kids can dance, sing and play along as the band tries on different costumes, hunts for the birthday cake and jumps around in Pillowland. The Laurie Berkner Band’s catchy tunes and joyful lyrics not only earned them a regular role on Jack’s Big Music Show, but also numerous awards, rave reviews, huge album and a following of pre-schoolers and parents nationwide. Get ready for a fun-filled journey with The Laurie Berkner Band as they have a Party Day!

    DVD Tracks

  • 1. Come On In
  • 2. Interstitial #1 Costume Party
  • 3. This Hat
  • 4. Last Night I Had A Dream
  • 5. Party Day
  • 6. Interstitial #2 Birthday Party
  • 7. Balloons
  • 8. Shake Your Body Down
  • 9. Where Is The Cake?
  • 10. Happy Birthday Song
  • 11. Interstitial #3 Sleepover Party
  • 12. The Cookie Bakers Of The Night
  • 13. Choc-o-lot In My Pock-o-lot
  • 14. Pillowland
  • 15. Goodnight
  • 16. Bonus Song

  • 1. Where Is the Cake?
  • 2. This Hat
  • 3. Party Day
  • 4. Acoustic version of My Family (fan favorite new version)
  • 5. Goodnight

Well, well, well. It’s finally our turn to put our two cents in on Ms. Berkner and her rowdy band…and…well…we love her just like everyone else does! Is Party Day! easy to use? Your choice – DVD or bonus CD – you bet they are! Pop Party Day! into the DVD player, stand back, and watch the festivities begin! Laurie and her band will take your kids on an all-day journey full of songs and fun! Or pop the CD into your CD player and take the fun on the road. Either way – with a set so full of fun music your kids will be asking you to watch/listen – not the other way around! Now that is easy!

So – we are talking about a DVD and a CD here. And we are talking about little kid fingers full of gook and gunk. Bottom line, if you’ve got younger kids, the only way to make your DVD and CD last is to handle them yourself. Otherwise those fingerprints, smudges and scratches will start to wear down the fun. If you have kids that are careful with discs than no concerns.

This only goes for the DVD of course – but come on – Laurie Berkner and her band bring a style that has become their own. Bright, fun, happy scenes come together perfectly with their songs. The DVD is as visually engaging as the songs are catchy! Top notch for sure

With a retail price of $15.98 it’s hard to say that the DVD and bonus CD cost too much, but you know us, when it comes to dollars we try to be as frugal as possible. It’s not that the set is exactly overpriced, we just like our DVDs and or CDs to stay right around the $10 price range. At least with this set you do get both a DVD and a CD, so it isn’t like you are being short changed in material. Plus at $15.98 this set is well priced to give as a gift.

A music DVD and CD for kids original? Yes – when it comes to something as cool as Party Day! it definitely is! Party Day! takes your kids on a full day of fun – including dress-up and costumes from morning till night. The songs are original and fantastic – both on the DVD and the CD. Pure musical fun for kids…and we even caught a Mom or Dad tapping a foot, then humming, then dancing along!

Laurie Berkner Band rules! You know it – she knows it – we know it! Party Day! is an instant classic that your kids are going to eat up. Little ones will love the tunes (on the DVD and CD), the visuals and the fun! Plus, Party Day! won’t leave your kids sitting and staring at the TV, they’ll be up on their feet, singing, dancing and laughing! Without question, Party Day! will make the perfect addition to your child’s music and DVD collection! Keep on rocking Laurie – we love it!

Manufacturer: Two Tomatoes Records / Razor & Tie
Recommended Age: 18 months - 6 years
Retail Price: $15.98
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