Alphabet Matcher from Twisterz Toys

Twisterz Toys are safe, durable and educational toys that inspire early developmental skills including creativity, imagination, phonomic awareness, logic, spelling, problem solving and more.  All Twisterz Toys are free of electronics and batteries!

The Alphabet Matcher challenges children to choose a letter and find the five corresponding images that begin with that letter. For example, select the letter “F” and find Fish, Foot, Frog, Flower and Flag. An answer guide is included. Alphabet Matcher engages skills ranging from logic to spelling. It contains three extra sets of rings, covering 24 letters and 120 images.

The Alphabet Matcher from Twisterz Toys in certainly not the most complicated toy your children are ever going to play with – and believe us when we say – we couldn’t be happier! Finally, we are talking about an educational, interesting toy that doesn’t light up, doesn’t make noise, and doesn’t require any batteries! Hallelujah!

All kidding aside, the Alphabet Matcher is definitely easy to use. Hand one of the Twisterz over to your kids, select a letter and watch as they twist and turn the pictures down the tube that start with the selected letter. For example – if the letter R is selected, kids can twist and turn their Alphabet Matcher to line up pictures such as a rabbit, a rainbow, a ring and a raccoon!

Once kids master the alphabet, more advanced Twisterz sets are available that encourage Word Building and Story Telling.

Made of durable plastic, Twisterz aren’t exactly going to break down or anything like that. The only concern here is missing pieces, as the rings do come off of the toy if you choose (or your child chooses) to rearrange the order. If a ring is misplaced, the toy will still work, but not quite as well.

An educational toy that earns 5 stars in Visual Appeal? We know, hard to believe. However, the truth came out for us when we handed over Alphabet Matchers in a group situation. The kids flocked to them. They watched each other match up letters and words, and they all wanted a turn. When that happens, you know you’ve found a toy that looks inviting!

While the concept is a pretty simple one, you have to remember that this toy is designed for kids ages 3 and up. So while you think the novelty may wear off quickly, a 3 year old doesn’t. Plus – the Alphabet Matcher comes with 4 Twisterz rings to keep the letters and words fresh and fun.

As usual, this is the category that created the most conversation. Yes you are getting 4 Twisterz in the Alphabet Matcher set, and yes, it is a fun, learning toy. It’s funny, in this category it seemed the lack of electronic bells and whistles hurt Twisterz. Some on our review team felt that the Alphabet Matcher should have been priced a bit lower – especially since it didn’t have any high-tech electronics in it. If there were sounds or lights, some on our team it would have seemed more justified at the $20 price point, but without that, some felt it could have been a nice bit lower.

We have never seen any eduactional toys quite like Twisterz – and that is a great thing! Excellent idea, totally unique!

Overall it is hard not to like what Twisterz brings to the table with Alphabet Matcher. Sure, we would have preferred if the price was a few dollars less, but we find ourselves saying that all the time. The important features are right there – this is a fun toy that is going to teach your child letters and sounds. Twisterz are going to have your kids working, thinking and definitely achieving as they master letter recognition and sounds. The Alphabet Matcher is durable, and should last longer than your kids will need it. And as they grow, you can create new games with Twisterz, or advance your child into more complicated Twisterz toys. Whatever you choose, you are going to be pleased with what Twisterz has to offer.

Manufacturer: Twisterz Toys
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $19.99
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