FyrFlyz Light Up Toy

FyrFlyz is a spinning toy that creates amazing light shows in the palm of your hand.  Swing, spin and twirl!  Check out www.fyrflyz.com to view the awesome tricks!

Grab hold of the rings and start spinning! Really – it’s that easy! Sure FyrFlyz wants to tell you about all of the great tricks you can do (truthfully – the tricks are really cool!), but you don’t need to learn any special skills to jump right into the FyrFlyz fun! We were so pleased to see that this is one toy that doesn’t need lots of set-up or lots of practice to enjoy. Hand the FyrFlyz over and get outta the way! Your kids will handle the rest!

Obviously, a battery operated light-up toy is going to eventually run dry. Using 3 volt CR1620 batteries, FyrFlyz are going to last quite a while before you’ll need to replace them. The downside is that CR1620 batteries aren’t something that Mom and Dad usually keep a stockpile of, so you’ll need to hit the store when the batteries run dry. The only other durability concern is a random knot or two – but most kids in the age range can handle un-knotting without much help from parents.

This is another one of those great instances when 5 stars isn’t enough! Seriously! Hand the FyrFlyz to the kids – watch them do their thing – and you’ll be just as amazed by this simple toy as they are! FyrFlyz just look cool – there’s no denying it! Your child is going to love playing during the day – and especially at night. And once their friends catch a glimpse, they are going to be all over their parents for a set of FyrFlyz of their own.

So – how functional can a couple of lights on strings really be? Quite functional indeed. FyrFlyz are one of those toys that kids just aren’t going to put down. They’ll try to follow the tricks detailed on the package…and they’ll try to create their own. You’ll see – this is one simple toy that is going to provide hours of entertainment!

Cost Efficiency is the downfall of so many products that we evaluate…and we are happy to report – not this time! With a suggested retail price of $8.99 FyrFlyz are perfectly price as a little surprise for your kids, to pick up when you are at the toy store, or as an add on for a birthday gift. If FyrFlyz were priced any lower, you’d think they wouldn’t work – and if they were priced higher, it would seem excessive for a simple toy. But at $8.99 we thing FyrFlyz nailed it on the head – perfectly priced!

We’ve seen a glow stick or two in our day – but we’ve never seen anything quite like FyrFlyz. Simply put – a definite original!

So…what are we supposed to say….we really loved FyrFlyz! All in all they are just fun to play with and priced right. FyrFlyz are going to last, and they are going to provide hours of entertainment for your kids! What more can you ask for in a toy? FyrFlyz rock!

Manufacturer: i-Star Entertainment
Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Retail Price: $8.99
On the Web: www.fyrflyz.com
Buy It Here: