Extreme Secret Formula Lab from Smart Lab Toys

With the Extreme Secret Formula Lab by Smart Lab, kids try their hand at mad science. Using a beaker, funnel, mix-and-measure scoop, test tubes with squish lids and glow-in-the-dark-powder, kids utilize everyday ingredients from your kitchen pantry to come together to give way to astonishing results! Kids can create multiple experiments that glow, ooze, and stink up the kitchen. From glow-in-the-dark alien blood to scratch-and-sniff stickers, young scientists will never have so much fun with a beaker, test tubes, and commonly found household ingredients! Simply assembled components allow kids to concoct 20 secret formulas to introduce kids to basic and safe chemistry.

The Extreme Secret Formula Lab is designed for kids ages 8 years and older – and that is a pretty accurate estimate on the age level of kids who are able to work with these fun, silly, stinky experiments. Kids will need to follow directions from the book, use the tools included with the kit along with some common household ingredients. We found some parents preferred to work with their kids on the experiments, and we found that some parents had to work with their kids on the experiments. The experiments themselves aren’t super difficult to perform, but in many cases we found it best for parents to be involved.

The reusable pieces included in the kit – beaker, funnel, scoop and test tubes will last as long as they are properly cared for. The “glow-in-the-dark-powder” will eventually run dry and kids won’t be able to incorporate the “glow-in-the-dark” features of some of the fun experiments. Parents may want to help with clean-up and drying of the science tools to extend their life.

The Extreme Secret Formula Lab kit looks awesome enough without even opening it! But once kids get into the kit and start experimenting – forget it – the Visual Appeal shoots through the roof! Kids love to pour, mix and stir – and when the experiments actually start working you are sure to see some amazing smiles! Top notch visual appeal!

The kit itself has instructions for more than 20 different experiments. If your kids are anything like the kids we worked with, the real fun starts to come in to play as they begin to understand the reactions themselves and start tinkering with the recipes! A few hours spent with the Extreme Secret Formula Lab will have your kids laughing and working as their experiments ooze, glow, stink and more!

In a blind survey our parents priced this kit between $15 and $17. With an actual retail price of $19.99 some of the crew felt that while their were some tools that were designed to be used again and again, the fact of having to use household items of your own could have brought the cost down a few dollars. The other side of that however, is that many parents were happy that kids were going to be using household ingredients (as opposed to included) as they felt that would add life to the kit – meaning it wouldn’t have to be trashed when the included ingredients ran out.

This isn’t the first science kit we’ve ever seen – and it certainly won’t be the last. We did like how the experiments were laid out – and we loved how “kid-friendly” these experiments really are.

Overall our kids (and their parents) had a blast working with the Extreme Secret Formula Lab from Smart Lab Toys. The experiments can be completed by kids (with a little help from parents here and there), and the included science tools are built to last. The pricing is fair, and we’re always happy when a toy gets kids to think and use their noodles. All in all – the Extreme Secret Formula Lab is a nice addition to a learning and fun center for your inquisitive kids or budding scientists!

Manufacturer: SmartLab Toys
Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Retail Price: $19.99
On the Web: www.smartlabtoys.com
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