Laser Pegs

Laser Pegs are the world’s only lighted construction set  – the first toy in the world where the pieces snap together and glow with brightly colored LED lights. Your child can design and build anything they want with Laser Pegs, and have the option to keep them lit or turned off.

Laser Pegs use a high quality LED that can run for approximately 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to keeping them illuminated non-stop for 11 years!  The 3-in-1 Kit comes with 72 pieces, one power unit, three AA batteries, an instruction booklet, and a plastic tray to store the Laser Pegs.  The kit also includes detailed plans for building specific Laser Peg creations, or kids can use their imagination and designs to create any abstract model they can imagine. You can also combine kits and power units to build a gigantic model.

Laser Pegs is one of those toys that kids seem to just instinctively know how to work with. Scatter the pieces out on a table and stand back – in no time your kids will have built large, intricate light up creations. Really – it is pretty much that easy! Almost in LEGO-like fashion the pieces connect easily to one another. Attach the power source, hit the button and voila – the creation is now glowing and pulsating with bright, vivid LED light.

This kit (as well as many other Laser Pegs Kits) include directions and pictures on how to build certain Laser Peg designs. We found that our kids liked to start off by building one of the pre-designed pieces. And once they’ve completed this task they are excited to just play and create with Laser Pegs all on their own.

After hours of play with Laser Pegs we saw no deterioration in quality or breakdown in the pieces. Of course, as the Laser Pegs lights are driven by 3-AA batteries, you can imagine that these will certainly wear out over time. The good part is that a parent of every child today is required to have a stockpile of AA batteries for backup toy emergencies! Otherwise – no durability concerns!

Visual Appeal, huh? We’re talking about a toy that your kids get to create with, either following directions or using their imaginations, and then it lights up for the world to see and admire. The Visual Appeal couldn’t be any higher! If kids only got to build, or if kids only got to light it up – that would have been enough. But we’re talking about all of that together – amazing Visual Appeal!

Each Laser Pegs Kit includes detailed directions on how to create certain structures. And as we’ve previously mentioned a few times, kids can choose to follow those directions or work to create anything their little minds can dream up. And that is truly where the fun and functionality come into play. Add in that kids are learning the basics of a circuit while they work (and whether they realize it or not) and we’re talking about a super-functional building toy.

The first chink in the armor – the retail price of the Laser Pegs Kit that we reviewed is $44.95. To be quite frank, that is a pretty high price for a toy for a child. Don’t let that number reflect on the quality or the functionaltiy, as those are both great. The only problem is priced just under $45 many of our parents weren’t comfortable buying for their own kids or buying as a gift. The one ray of light that we’ll point out here is that while Laser Pegs are expensive, they certainly seem like a toy that your child will use time and again, rather than becoming an expensive dust collector on a toy room shelf.

Laser Pegs seem to combine the best parts of Lite Brite, LEGOs and Capsela all into one amazing package. We are talking about an item that builds on some of the best toys ever in the business, yet is unique to its own designs. Now that’s original!

Other than the price point it is hard to find anything not to like about Laser Pegs. Kids love to build and they are going to love to build even more when their creations light up! Laser Pegs are easy to use and built to last. While they are building kids are laughing and using their heads, and when they shut off the lights they are really going to flip! Laser Pegs are flat out fun and flat out cool. If your kids like to build, and if you can afford the extra dollars, you will be thrilled to pick up one of the building kits of the future – Laser Pegs!

Manufacturer: Laser Pegs Ventures LLC
Recommended Age: 5 years and up
Retail Price: $44.95
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