Go Loco – Make Fuzzy Felt Friends

Make 35+ cute creations with the Make Fuzzy Felt Friends Fuzzy Felt Kit from Go Loco. Just choose a shape, peel, stick, create! More than 1,000 self-adhesive felt pieces are included – no glue needed!


  • 19 self-adhesive Felt Sheets
  • 1 instruction and idea guide

You want an easy-to-use craft project that your kids are going to love and that won’t make a mess in your home?! This is it! Make Fuzzy Felt Friends is one of those perfect arts and crafts kits where everything is included, including an instruction and idea guide to help little ones get their creative juices flowing. Everything the kids need is included – including tons of different shapes and sizes of brightly colored felt, mouths and noses and eyes. Easy, fun craft projects – that’s what we’re talking about with this kit!

Like all arts and crafts kits for children, much of the durability rating comes down to the fact that at some point you are going to run out of pieces. That’s not to say that this kit isn’t packed with tons of felt – because it is – more than 1000 pieces total – but eventually, there just isn’t going to be any more eyes or mouths or noses. On the plus side, once assembled, we found our Fuzzy Felt Friends held up very well, and showed no sign of breaking down.

If the bright colors weren’t enough to grab your child’s attention, then the fun little figures will! Absolutely adorable assembled, and the process itself of assembling your felt friends is also visually interesting. An engaging craft project that kids of many ages will love.

Make Fuzzy Felt Friends is a well-conceived, well thought-out arts and crafts kit for kids. It’s easy to see the makers of this craft kit knew what they were doing – and that pays dividends in the Functionality category. What we were impressed with here was the way in which the pieces attach together easily, as well as the fact that kids can choose to follow directions or really just create on their own. If your kids like to follow directions then they can use the instruction guide and come up with great creations, or if they like to let their imagination loose, than they can take any combination of colors, shapes and faces to create the Fuzzy Felt Friend of their dreams!

In a blind survey our parents priced this kit between $15 and $20. With an actual retail price of just under $15 ($14.99 to be exact) our team couldn’t have been more pleased. Fair and accurate pricing means happy Moms and Dads!

Kids have been playing with felt and glue and googly eyes for generations. And kids have been making a mess of said felt, pouring glue everywhere and losing googly eyes every time! With this kit – all of those factors are cleaned up and improved! The self adhesive felt sheets eliminates the need for messy, slippery, sticky glue and the pre-designed and cut pieces make the whole process easier all the way around. Kids can use the instructions and ideas laid out in the guide, or go wild on their own. A major improvement on a good idea = original in our book!

Overall we couldn’t have been any more impressed than we were with the Make Fuzzy Felt Friends Kits from Go Loco. It has all of the pieces you need, is super-easy to use and fun too! Kids can create until their hearts are content, or they can follow the directions and make some adorable little creatures. The pricing is absolutely fair for a craft-style toy and everything you need is included. Perfect to take on a trip, in a car or on a plane, or perfect to work on at home. The Make Fuzzy Felt Friends Kits is a fantastic art project that your kids are sure to love!

Manufacturer: Giddy Up
Recommended Age: 5 years and up
Retail Price: $14.99
On the Web: www.giddyup.com
Buy It Here: www.giddyup.com