Bellybuds® Pregnancy Bellyphones – Play Prenatal Music and Voices to the Womb Baby Product Review

Bellybuds® is a safe and convenient option for prenatal bonding with your baby. Its custom bellyphone® speakers gently adhere to the belly and play directly into the womb, so your developing baby can hear prenatal music, voices, soothing sounds or whatever you like. Bellybuds has a fixed, maximum sound level strong enough to penetrate the womb and reach baby at a decibel level roughly equivalent to a casual conversation and lower than the mother’s heartbeat.
Deluxe Bellybuds set includes:

  • 1 set of Bellybuds Bellyphones® to share prenatal music and voices with your baby anytime, anywhere
  • 4 sets of Hydrogel Adhesive Rings to secure the Bellybuds to the unique and changing curves of your belly
  • 1 set of Silicon Covers that dampen the external sound so you play to your baby, not your neighbors
  • 1 Storage Pouch to take your Bellybuds anywhere
  • 1 Audio Splitter so you can hear the same audio as your baby

Bellybuds is one of the easiest to use prenatal music listening tools that we have ever seen. Simply put, the Bellybuds attach easily to your belly using the includes Hydrogel Adhesive Rings that form to the shape of your belly – and stick the other end into your iPod or walkman or other audio source.  And Bellybuds are preset to a volume that is designed to the specific level strong enough to get through that belly so baby is sure to hear – no guessing required!

Really the issue wasn’t whether or not the Bellybuds themselves were holding up here, but more the life and usefulness of the adhesive rings. The company says you should be able to get plenty of use out of each adhesive ring, but the practice showed that they last a bit less. The good thing is that the Deluxe Set now includes 4 sets of adhesive rings to last longer. Replacement rings are available for purchase should you need. We did find that you can sort of strap in using maternity pants if you run out of adhesive rings so there is another option to work with.

The style is a sort of mix of high-tech meets baby meets iPod. The lines are clean, the Bellybuds themselves are small and obtrusive. Very nice.

So we’re talking about wearable speakers here – and they definitely work well. You can plug into any standard digital music device, attach the speakers to your belly and you are good to go. Bellybuds also comes with an audio splitter so you and baby can listen together should you choose, or use the buddons (sound dampener speaker covers) for when you want to read, watch tv or any other activity. Extremely functional.

When is a $50 product considered efficient? When it’s competitors hit the $100 range! In all seriousness, there are a couple of schools of thought on this one. Some Moms and Dads are happy to just use their old headphones, slap them on the belly and figure baby can hear. Other Moms and Dads seek out the most high-tech (translation=expensive) listening device for baby to listen to music. With Bellybuds you get the high-tech qualities without having to pay the top dollar of some other expensive versions. Bellybuds did the research – baby is going to hear what you play – and you can be happy knowing you are getting a fairly priced item.

There are certainly other baby listening devices out there, but we are definitely partial to Bellybuds for several reasons. First off, the design is unique and they are by far more wearable than many other headphone options. The buddons (sound dampeners) is a fantastic idea, and including a splitter is a great way to include Mom in the listening when she wants to join in. All in all it is definitely the thought and ingenuity that went into the design that makes these so original.

If you are interested in sharing music with baby, Bellybuds is certainly a strong option for you. The headphones themselves are certainly fairly priced, they look fantastically unobtrusive (can be worn under clothes even) and the research was put in to make sure these guys work. Some people do feel that the adhesive doesn’t last for as many uses as they would like, but we found even if the adhesive is gone you can still use the bellyphones with a little help from your maternity clothes. If you want to share music with your baby in utero you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option than Bellybuds!

Manufacturer: Belly Buds, LLC
Recommended Age: 20 wks pregnant to full-term
Retail Price: $49.99
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