KAOS Nemesis Wrist Water Balloon Launcher

Take your water balloon fights to a whole new level! With the KAOS Nemesis Water Balloon Launcher you can launch water balloons up to 100 feet! Includes Balloon Launcher, hose spigot and 25 balloons.

Who thought a water balloon fight couldn’t get any more competitive, more fun or more intense?! With the Nemesis Wrist Water Balloon Launcher it just got all of those – and it is easy!!!

First off start with the hardest part of a water balloon fight – loading the balloons. With the included spigot attachment filling a water balloon has never been easier. And once you have a stock-pile of balloons – well – game on!

Now – load a water balloon into the cradle of the Nemesis, grab hold by the handle and let ‘er rip! With a little practice and the perfect release point you can launch a balloon up to 100 feet! And with pretty impressive accuracy!

In truth, there are no durability concerns whatsoever with the KAOS Water Balloon Launcher itself. The only issue is that the equipment comes with 25 balloons ready for filling included, and once you are out, you’ll need to supply your own extras. So – no breakdown in performance, just remember to have back up balloons on hand and ready to fill!

Honestly – this toy could not look any cooler! Bright colors and a stylish design come together to create a futuristic looking balloon launcher. But all of that would mean nothing if the launcher didn’t work – and let’s put that to rest – it absolutely does! And even more attractive than the cool look is actually watching someone use the launcher the Visual Appeal skyrockets. Let’s put it this way – you know that one toy that the one kid down the block has, and then every kid in the neighborhood wants after they see it in action one time? Well – this is it!

Functionality on the KAOS Nemesis was a tricky one – and there was a lot of discussion on the fact that once you run out of balloons there is no more function. While that is true – one thing is even more true…this baby makes balloons fly! Load it up, flick your wrist and blam! Water balloon chaos! And with that as the sole intention of this awesome toy we couldn’t help but award all 5 stars for functionality!

Unfortunately some of the toys, blasters and products that would fall into the same category as a water balloon launcher end up crossing the $20, $25, or even $30 mark. And when it comes to a water blaster, $30 is too much. However…when you are talking a water balloon launcher of this magnitude…that includes balloons (although you will definitely need to buy more)….and the price sits just under $15…you are talking about five stars for Cost Efficiency for sure!

Have you seen any other water balloon launchers? We haven’t. But it wasn’t just that we had seen anything quite like the KAOS Nemesis before, it was the fact that it really works – and works well! Talk about a winner – totally unique and totally functional = totally original!

If you are looking for that one toy to take your summer fun to the next level – the KAOS Nemesis Water Balloon Launcher is pretty much the one you want! First off – everyone loves a water balloon fight – everyone! And this toy makes the battle that much more fun! The Nemesis is priced absolutely perfectly, is going to hold up battle after battle and is definitely easy to use. Yes, you will need to buy back-up balloons, especially as the water balloons will be flying faster and more furiously than ever before. But once you have your back-up balloons ready to go you need nothing other than a hose and a few friends that are ready for you to unload on! Some say summer hasn’t officially started until you’ve had your first water balloon fight – and with the KAOS Nemesis Wrist Water Balloon Launcher in hand your summer fun will never be the same!

Manufacturer: Imperial Toy
Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Retail Price: $14.99
On the Web: www.imperialtoy.com
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