Design Your Own Window Birdfeeder from Bowwowmeow

Paint a finely crafted wood birdfeeder any way you like with the included paint and waterproof varnish. The back of the feeder has super strong suction cups to attach to an outside window. Place bird seed or breadcrumbs in the bottom of the feeder and take a front row seat to watch the birds from inside your house.

Kit includes the birdfeeder, a paintbrush, two strips of acrylic paint and water proof varnish to protect from the elements.

Out of the box, this birdfeeder is ready to go. All of the paints you needed are included, along with a paint brush and water proof varnish. Get this sucker painted. Let it dry. Varnish it. Let it dry. Fill it with birdseed and stick it you your favorite window. Over time the birds will find the seed, they’ll eat, and they’ll come back. No assembly required – just painting fun. Super easy. Recommended for ages 10 and up, we found that kids much younger could handle this project!

The Birdfeeder itself is made out of a lightweight wood, and is already assembled, so you won’t have the chance to assemble incorrectly, weakening the feeder. Plus, Bowwowmeow has made sure to include the water proof varnish to help protect your birdfeeder from the elements. The varnish will help add life and we didn’t see any major breakdowns during the review process, but keep in mind any feeder left outside is not going to last forever.

From a strict visual standpoint there is plenty of appeal here. The birdfeeder looks good and the project as a whole is not overwhelming (as some craft projects can be). Add in that the kids get totally customize the paint job on the feeder using all of the creativity they can muster and you are looking at a very visual, very fun project.

The functionality of Bowwowmeow’s Design Your Own Window Birdfeeder is limited only by the design itself. First off, it is already assembled, so the only project part is painting. Once the painting and varnishing is completed, it’s time to fill the feeder and put it up. And that is where the functional appeal ends. Yes, it serves as your birdfeeder, but there is no more actual hands-on fun for the kids to enjoy.

A blind survey of our review team priced this kit between $10 and $15. With an actual retail price of $22.99 many on our team felt that this was a bit steep. However – if you have a child that loves craft projects and loves to see them proudly displayed, the extra dollars shouldn’t turn you off from purchasing.

There are plenty of craft projects that come across our desks, and most require a bit more assembly than just painting. However, we haven’t had the chance to review a birdfeeder before, so some extra points were scored from an originality perspective.

Bowwowmeow has done it again. They have offered a quality, animal-themed craft project. Sure the price is a few dollars higher than we would have liked, but that is nothing new! Kids love art projects, and working with the Design Your Own Birdfeeder is sure to produce smiles and interest. The kids we worked with did love seeing their feeders out the window – they were just hoping the birds would have found it sooner! Nicely done!

Manufacturer: Bowwowmeow
Recommended Age: 10 years and up
Retail Price: $22.99
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