The Silly Dilly Band – Come Out and Play

Come Out and Playis the debut CD from The Silly Dilly Band.  The album is a musical collection of original songs, with one old favorite that is designed to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Come Out and Play Track Listing

-Come Out and Play
-The Happy Train
-Oh Suzanna
-Robot Dance
-The Driving Song
-Tummy Ache Blues
-Going to the Zoo
-Wuzn’t Me
-Swim, Swim, Swim
-Hey Look
-Time For Dreamland
-Yes You Can

About the Band
The Silly Dilly Band is a live children’s musical band performing high energy, interactive music for the entire family. Their shows include many original songs that take audiences along on an exciting journey. The Band performs familiar songs with a very special Silly Dilly flair! The Silly Dilly Band’s music brings everyone to their feet while joining in song and movement. Shows include very colorful costumes, props and music that is filled with beautiful harmonies and exciting lyrics that truly put a smile on everyone’s face!

It never fails – we post up a review of a CD and we get some snarky comment emailed back asking us how we can rate it on Ease of Use?! The answer is an easy one really – if your kids like the CD then it will be easier for you to play it for them! Have you ever tried to get your kids to listen to “your” music, or anything they don’t feel like hearing for that matter? If yes, then you know how difficult the task can be. Thankfully, Come Out and Play from The Silly Dilly Band is a fun, upbeat listen that your kids are sure to enjoy – at home during play time, in the car on a trip or while running errands. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you won’t mind listening either!

Another tricky category for a CD, but if you have kids that insist on doing everything themselves (is there any other kind?!), then you can bet that there are going to be some messy fingerprints on the back of this CD. And like all CDs, that causes breakdown. If you have kids that are gentle on their possessions, there should be no problem, but if they are a little rougher you’ll want to handle the CD as much as possible.

How functional can a CD be? When we step back and evaluate the songs as a whole, the answer to this questions is very functional! Come Out and Play is filled with songs that all sort of have a bluesy, southern-rock, harmonizing, upbeat, jump up and dance sort of twist to them. Sound like a long description? Well it is! But that is just what you are going to get when you listen to this album. Fun songs! Happy songs! Songs with a purpose and meaning…and some flat out silly songs! But that variety is what we love. And – the entire album is obviously put together by professional musicians (no matter how Silly-Dilly they may look!) you’ll hear it from the first note!

We like our CDs and albums, especially for kids, to be priced right around the $10 mark – preferably a tad lower…With a suggested retail price of $15, Come Out and Play is bit higher priced than we had hoped for.

Have you heard of Oh, Susanna? Sure – but other than that one classic track each song on the CD is totally original, written and performed by the fun-loving members of The Silly Dilly Band. Sure there are other kids CDs out there, but it isn’t often when you find one that sounds this good! Yes, the songs definitely have a kid feel to them, but they are supposed to! And they are all absolutely original!

It’s easy to see that when The Silly Dilly Band got themselves into the studio to record Come Out and Play they were all business! OK, well maybe not all business, but the sound and the songs are fantastic! Yes, all kid sounding and kid themed, but really well done. The harmonizing is beautiful and contagious (warning to bad singers like us!), and the tunes are catchy an memorable. The price is a tad higher than we wanted, but we’re willing to accept that when a solid record comes along. Designed for kids and designed for fun – Come Out and Play will have your whole family enjoying tunes from The Silly Dilly Band!

Manufacturer: The Silly Dilly Band
Recommended Age: 1 - 8 years
Retail Price: $15.00
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