ITZBEEN Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer


The ITZBEEN Pocket Nanny is a multi-purpose nursery tool. Four timers help new, sleep deprived parents learn, remember and communicate the basics of baby-care, like: how long ago they changed a diaper, fed the baby, put them down for a nap, or gave them medication. Each timer can also give a reminder at certain intervals, if desired. Other helpful features include: belt clip, nursing reminder switch, illuminated display, clock and a soft nightlight for changing diapers in the dark.

So – one little gadget is going to make order out of the chaos of dealing with a newborn? And you dare suggest that it is going to be easy to use?! Well…yes…that is exactly what we are going to suggest!

ITZBEEN Pocket Nanny is designed to make your life easier – not more complicated. And it does just that. It has 4 simple timers built in (key word being simple) so you can have a fairly accurate, visual reminder of just how long it has been since you’ve changed a diaper, had the baby down for a nap, fed him and given him medicine. The timers operate easily – just the push of a button – no crazy programming or anything like that. There are also some optional alarms built in, but those are pretty easy to use too.

Sleep deprivation does strange things to even the most energetic, focused Moms and Dads. ITZBEEN Pocket Nanny gets that – and offers a very easy to use solution!

No durability concerns here. We put this little timer through the paces and found no cause for concern. It is well made and should easily make it through those first key months.

Such a funny category for anything that has to do with parents getting through those first few months with a baby – because really, visual appeal goes right out the window at 4 in the morning when you are trying to remember if you fed the baby from your left or right side! But…we have a job to do…so we’ll stick to aesthetics! And the Pocket Nanny looks high-tech enough to keep Dads interested, and it looks soft enough to keep Moms happy to use it, keep it on them, or keep it in the nursery.

This is one of those times we are so happy to write that 5 stars just isn’t enough. This one tiny little gadget packs in so much functionality it is crazy. Timers for feeding, changing, sleeping and medication. There is an easy-to-use slide switch to remember which side Mom last fed from. There is a soft illumination to be able to see the timers in the night. And there is an actual soft light on it so you can use this little device as a light when changing diapers in the night. There is a belt clip to keep Pocket Nanny Handy. Really, the only thing that could make this device any more functional would be for it to feed and change the baby itself! Take note baby products – a new standard of functionality has been set!

In a blind survey our parents priced the Pocket Nanny between $20 and $30. There were some of us who really couldn’t help get past the fact that a pen and paper could cover most of what this little guy offers, but even with that said, there is some definite value here. With an actual retail price of $24.99, pricing is set affordably and well. A fair price as a present for yourself or for a new Mom!

We’ve seen all sorts or reminders, some smart and some not so smart – but we have never seen anything quite like this! Absolutely original!

In case you couldn’t tell – we absolutely love the ITZBEEN Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer! Feeding, changing, sleeping and medication – individual, easy-to-use timers are built right in. There are alarms if you need them, lights if you want them, and a belt clip to make this gadget almost impossible to lose (if you actually use the belt clip!). The pricing is perfect, it’s going to last, and it has off the charts functionality. This is one of those products that so many new parents think they don’t need, and so many experienced parents wish they had! The perfect gift for new Moms and Dads, or repeat customers! ITZBEEN Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer is there to think for you, remind you of virtually everything you need to know, and let you stay sane, focus on, and enjoy your newborn!

Recommended Age: Parents with babies 0-18 months
Retail Price: $24.99
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