Comfy Easy PC

With the Comfy Easy PC your toddler can now learn through play on your home PC.

The Comfy Easy PC System creates a rich and exciting multimedia world for your toddler (ages 1 to 5), in which he/she can play and interact with the lovable Comfy characters.

With Comfy, your toddler can play many activities that are fun, educational and developmental. Playing with the Easy PC system gives young children the opportunity to explore a dynamic, colorful, and interactive environment – without requiring parental assistance.

The Easy PC System has been designed with toddlers in mind, and fits their motor and cognitive skills. The System allows young children to enjoy and learn from various activities, without requiring reading skills or the ability to use a computer mouse. Children progress at their own pace according to their own level, interest and growth.

The Comfy Easy PC System includes the Easy PC keyboard and a line of software titles. The Easy PC keyboard is the platform required to use the software.

The Comfy Easy PC System is designed for children ages 1 to 5 to be able to play with it – so it should be easy to use. And – it is. It is absolutely amazing how easy it is to use for them. They’ll sit in front of your computer, use the Easy PC keyboard and laugh and smile while they learn. That is 100% easy.

The challenging part is for Mom or Dad (or Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, Grandpa, Big Bro, Big Sis, family friend…you get the idea…).

First off, to use Comfy’s Easy PC, you have to have a computer and a monitor (or laptop). You have to plug in the Comfy Easy PC to use, and you have to run the software. And – you have to sit there and work with your little ones (especially your little little ones) while they play – to help them along and to make sure they don’t mess with your computer!

None of those details are exactly difficult to do – and none of them make the Comfy Easy PC hard to use. However, it isn’t quite as easy as much less involved toys or games or electronics. For this one, parental supervision is definitely required until you can trust your older little ones (4 or 5 years old) to sit at the computer alone, but even they will need assistance setting up and running the software.

Software is required to run the Easy PC (the titles are awesome by the way – more on that later). Luckily, at this age Mom or Dad will usually be the one handling the CDs. And – the Easy PC is designed for little hands to bang, press and use, so it is definitely made to be durable.

In our hours of play we didn’t see any breakdown in the keyboard or the discs, but we know what happens after kids get their hands on things for a while – especially electronics – so a little wear and tear is to be expected with use.

Not fair…too easy! This is a definite 5 stars! If you’ve ever tried to use a computer with a little one around, you know they are just dying to get their sticky little fingers on your keyboard. With the Comfy Easy PC – they get a keyboard of their own. And unlike some junky toy computer, this one runs real software, with real interactivity! Hand over the keyboard, pop in the software and watch their eyes light up!

So – in Ease of Use we said it wasn’t exactly our favorite feature that the Easy PC uses your computer to run the software…and that’s true for Ease of Use. However, for Functionality that is an awesome detail! By using your computer and a wide range of software titles, you can constantly refresh and add new fun to the mix. Unlike a toy computer that just plays the same three games over and over again, you can change it up by simply inserting a new disc.

And…with that interchangeability, the folks from Comfy had their head on right and designed programs and games for various age and skill levels. A 5 year old isn’t stuck playing a game for a 1 year old! Well thought out and definitely functional!

So…as strong as Comfy’s Easy PC scored in Visual Appeal and Functionality, it does lose a little steam in Cost Efficiency. It isn’t cheap – with a suggested retail price of $79.95. And the individual games come in at around $24.95. Remember, this keyboard works directly with your computer – and the software is new and unique each time, but it still is a bit expensive. Bottom line, if you are willing to spend a bit more for a quality educational toy then this could be it. Unfortunately, the cost will be prohibitive for many.

No question here – this is an absolute original! The Easy PC is designed for little ones – and uses all of the functionality that your PC offers. The keyboard is designed especially for little hands – and the software is customized for different ages and skill levels. Not every child is ready to sit down and use your computer, but every child is definitely ready to sit down and use the Easy PC!

Let’s just start by saying a four star review does not mean the toy we are reviewing isn’t amazing. In this case, we do actually wish every little one could get their hands on one of these. The educational possibilities are endless. Parents need to be involved with the play (which oh by the way – we encourage!). The price point is high – and that may keep many people from purchasing this package, but if you can afford it you should go for it! The games encourage learning in a super-fun, super-interesting way. Your kids are going to love the feel of using their keyboard with your computer – and you are going to love the way they grow and learn each time they play. Don’t let the four stars fool you – sometimes that’s how the numbers work out – we love Comfy’s Easy PC!

Manufacturer: Comfy
Recommended Age: 1 - 5 years old
Retail Price: $79.95
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