Funko Wonder Woman Plushie

The DC Universe has never looked more adorable than with this Wonder Woman 7-Inch Plush! The heroes and the villains of the DC Universe are taking over the world…one hug at a time and Wonder Woman is leading the way! This DC Universe Wonder Woman is an adorably stylized version of the Amazon Princess.

Normally a stuffed animal or plush doll doesn’t get an Ease of Use rating, but we couldn’t resist this time…and here’s why: We have never seen any other plush doll or stuffed animal that can empower a little girl the way this little Wonder Woman can! And we love that! Hand over the Wonder Woman Plushie and watch a timid little girl (or teen, or woman…) turn into a powerful super hero like woman! Seriously! We don’t think super heroes need to be just for the boys, and it is amazing to see the way Wonder Woman inspires! And all you have to do is hand it over! Now that is easy!

No durability concerns here if treated properly. Wonder Woman is small and a bit animal-like, so you’ll want to make sure the dog doesn’t think she belongs to them – but otherwise – no worries!

Cute and adorable! Take Wonder Woman out and watch the girls gather around. Five star Visual Appeal for sure!

So…in Ease of Use we hyped up the powers of this little doll pretty high – and trust us, that is absolutely how we feel. However…other than inspire and allow for creative play, this little lady doesn’t do much. So…if you have a child that isn’t into super heroes or creative play, it isn’t going to magically happen by handing them Wonder Woman (it is after all just a stuffed doll)!

Funko’s Wonder Woman Plushie is, in case we haven’t made the point clear by now, just a doll. In a blind survey our team priced her right around $10. With an actual retail price of $12.99 she is just a bit higher than we would have liked. However, at $12.99 she is a nice pick-up for a little one or an add on to a gift.

Again, we’ve seen stuffed animals and dolls before. We do love that it is Wonder Woman, and we do think this plushie has a style all her own. It’s those two factors alone that keep her towards the top of our Originality category.

You know, I think our super hero love is shining through in this review. But let’s face it – we can’t help it! We love super heroes, and there is something special about the way Wonder Woman inspires girls and women – and we’re not ashamed to say it! Add in that this plushie is super cute, priced fairly, the perfect gift and made to last, and you are looking at one supertastic 5 Star toy!

Manufacturer: Funko, LLC
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $12.99
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