Happy Father’s Day

My husband believes that I get the most hits on this blog when I write something derogatory about him. While numbers don’t lie (just ask the fine people at WTS), I truly could not let Father’s Day go by without giving him a shout out. He travels during the week, so he really needs to make the most of his time with our kids. I believe that although he may miss the day to day routine stuff, when he is around he is truly present. This is a quality I really admire. I hardly have the attention span to play a game, or finish a puzzle without getting easily distracted. So I went to the experts, Kid1 and Kid2 to ask them what they liked doing best with their dad.

Kid1 didn’t hesitate when I asked her what she liked to do with her dad…..I like puzzles, and board games, and baseball, and Wii, and watching movies together, and coloring, and projects and nature walks….and and and….ok. Clearly not the answer I was looking for.

Kid2 didn’t hesitate either. He loves to go fishing and to play roller hockey with his dad. Ummm not really what I was looking for either. Also, that answer was totally obvious because they are two of the three things I really do not enjoy doing with my kids (the third being my total and complete lack of interest in roller coasters). My husband sometimes has no choice and needs to step up.

No closer to having a blog worth writing I took some time to look through some of our pictures. I looked for pictures of the three of them having a good time. Although I never realized this, they love to build things together. Not little things, but big things, huge structures. I discovered a lot of pictures containing Tinker Toys. Every picture showed one or two kids and a dad with a huge smile shouting out their sense of accomplishment. I think they enjoy using their imagination. There are no instructions tellng you what to build. With this toy, the sky is literally the limit.

My family is one that really enjoys being outdoors together. Both kids enjoy t-ball. As a child my husband was a baseball enthusiast so it seems a natural fit. Each Spring I have bought the Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set. It is under $20 and really easy for the kids to use. They are able to set it up and use it appropriately without frustration. Like many families, we don’t have much storage space so this set really fits the bill. Recently we have graduated to aluminum bats and batting cages but if you are just starting out, save your money and go for the Little Tikes Set. It is a great buy.

When hubby has the kids alone he typically feels the need to accomplish something. Usually this sense of satisfaction is achieved through some kind of project in which he inevitably needs to get in the car and go to a craft store for. I secretly believe that he feels he can extend said project by dragging everyone in the car, going to the store and finding a project. This practice has been known to take up to three hours instead of the thirty minutes that the project takes, and sometimes even includes going out for lunch. I commend him for being able to keep the kids so focused on this one task for such an extended period. Without fail, he comes back every time with a Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Set. These sets come in piggy banks, trains, cars, heart boxes etc. They are very well priced, and can usually be found for under $10. They are also great just to have around for difficult play dates, rainy days or to add on to bday gifts.

What will you be doing this Fathers Day?