Comfy iCam – The First Learning In Motion Games System Console for Your Child

The iCam is the first learning in motion game console system for your child. It is easy plug and play for use on your PC or laptop. The iCam is an interactive game console system that helps your child develop his or her imagination, math, quickness, coordination and spelling while having fun with the feel of a big-kid gaming system!

-Specially designed magic wands for Edu-Physical learning
-Kids can learn Spelling and Math while moving and having fun!
-Multi-level activities – progress at your own pace
-10 educational and fun activities included
-100 additional games available to download from the Internet

Includes two magic wands for one or two players, magic driving
wheel, PC web cam, “Move & Groove” CD & parent guide. (batteries not required)

So the Comfy iCam is a cool one. And really – these games are designed specifically for this age range – 4-8 years old – and we love that! Believe us, when a 4-8 year old realized they get to play video games like their big brother and sisters (and parents) with controllers built just for them, they’ll figure out how to turn it on, select what they want and play!

Now that is the easy part. The more difficult part is that you’ll need to hook up the special iCam (web-cam style component) to your computer, and get your computer booted up, software loaded and ready to go when the kids want to play. A little more challenging than a Wii maybe, but not much. For younger kids there is definitely going to be some parental involvement.

Unlike your expensive, yet somewhat fragile Wii remotes, the components designed for use with the iCam are made for little hands…which sometimes drop things…and sometimes are sticky…and that’s ok! The magic wands and the magic driving wheel are comfortable for little hands, and how to say this the right way, seemingly made to be dropped. They can take it – and you can take it! And you aren’t going to have to replace a $50 Wii remote when it drops!

Allright – so kids on the older side of the age range are going to want to get their hands on the Wii – we get that. But for kids on the younger side, this is like their own personal mini-Wii! It plays similar, the games are made for their age and skill, and they are going to have a blast playing what feels and looks just like the big boy and big girl version made just for them!

So – the games must be boring, right? Wrong! The iCam has educational and fun games designed for little people. There’s no shooting or fighting, just lots of fun. And – the best part is that 10 games are included – and 100 more can be downloaded. Oh – and did we mention the 100 additional games can be downloaded for free!

If you were skimming to this point, be sure to go up a line and read the last sentence of Functionality. In case you missed it – it reads as follows: “Oh – and did we mention the 100 additional games can be downloaded for free!”

So yes, the initial iCam unit is a bit on the pricey side for little kid electronics, coming in with a suggested retail price of $69.95 (which for the record is waaaaay less than a Wii). So if you don’t mind spending a little bit more on the unit you are not going to be disappointed because you don’t have to buy expensive game after game. They give you a chance to download 100 more – free!

So it’s video games. It’s learning games. It’s kind of like a Wii. And it’s designed for little kids. All of those details on their own are not exactly original. However, add them up and you’ve got one amazingly original game player made just for kids!

Yes, the iCam may seem out of budget for you, but if you compare it with what else is out there video game wise you might quickly come to the realization that this unit is extremely fairly priced. Once you get past the price hump, you’ll be so pleased to see how easy it is to use, how much enjoyment your kids are going to get, and they are going to have this fun while they learn spelling and math (and play games along the way). Remember 10 games are included, and 100 more are downloadable for free. The controllers are made for little hands and little drops – so it is going to last. All in all, if you need to find a way to keep your little one’s hands off the Wii, and want to give them their own mini version that they are going to love – look no further! The iCam is it!

Manufacturer: Comfy
Recommended Age: 4 - 8 years
Retail Price: $69.95
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