Synonyms – The Word Game that Gets Your Mind Racing!

Synonyms is the exciting word challenge that entertains and educates in a fast-paced and fun board game. Can you name 2 synonyms for the word great? Players race their pawns around the board to be the first to collect all the letters of the word SYNONYMS. Roll the die and select a card. You have one minute to earn your letter by naming the designated number of synonyms- unless another player declares a challenge! Minds race at maximum brainpower as each tries to top the other by naming more synonyms. Play as a team or individually and put your verbal skills to the test! Improve your active vocabulary with every game.

As usual, when it comes to a board game Ease of Use is a challenging category to evaluate. Our team was pretty much split right down the middle here. Yes, Synonyms is easy to get started out of the box – so that worked in its favor. However, on the other hand, Synonyms is not an easy game to play. In fact, it is devilishly challenging! Don’t take that the wrong way – we like a game with a challenge. Just don’t fool yourself thinking that this is one of those no-brainer Candy-Land kind of games because it isn’t.

The game play itself is fun and intuitive. The main point being to name an appropriate number of synonyms to a selected word. And trust us – that sounds an awful lot easier than it actually is. Add in challenges, skill levels, time restrictions and you are going to be laughing at yourself and your teammates or opponents as you work your way through the board!

The game itself is well made – cards are laminated, and pieces are solid. There are small pieces, so you’ll want to keep an eye on everything, but the box is designed to help with a place for everything. Designed for kids 12 years and up, there shouldn’t be any problem keeping track of all game cards and pieces.

Synonyms has a nice, clean look – but it isn’t going to jump off the shelf at your kids. You may have to encourage a bit, and you’ll be pleased once you do. The game itself is fun, and kids will see that pretty quickly. If you break Synonyms out at a party, it may not be the most aesthetically exciting game ever seen, but the reactions and laughter of the participants will more than make up for that. A crowd will gather, teams will be formed, and fun will be had by all!

From a functionality perspective, Synonyms plays really well. The game is designed to be played at different skill levels which is a plus. And Synonyms works well for small groups of game players to large teams. Nice design.

Ask our experts how much a board game will cost and they’ll give you the same answer nearly every single time – “$20 or less”. What is the suggested retail price of Synonyms? $19.99. Bingo – five stars!

There are lots and lots and lots of word games on the market. Believe us, sometimes it seems like we are looking at them all in one day! Thankfully, Synonyms is one refreshing word game. It is verbal, it is challenging and most of all it is fun. The game play is unique and enjoyable. Add that up and you are looking at five stars for Originality.

Synonyms is a challenging word game. If you are ready to accept that challenge – and can have fun forcing that brain of yours to work a little overtime – than you are going to really enjoy this game. It is made well to last a lifetime, and the price is perfect. Synonyms is great for your regular board game group (if you are lucky enough to have one) and the game play is robust enough for a larger party or classroom situation. Synonyms is absolutely properly named and slated – it is the word game that will get your mind racing! And we loved it!

Manufacturer: LINDERGAFF, LLC
Recommended Age: 12 years and up
Retail Price: $19.99
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