Brand New Baby Bounty or Stuff I kind of wish I had when my kids were born!

When my daughter was born 6 1/2 years ago, I was living in Toronto, hubby was working in Florida, and commuting back to Toronto on the weekends.  It was a difficult time for us as a family, and I was ready to ship out to Florida ASAP.

Under typical first child being born circumstances I think (or at least I hear and sometimes observe) that nesting moms buy tons of stuff they don’t really need, and for some reason it all needs to be brand spanking new.  Because we were between countries (and homes) when our daughter was born, I returned almost everything that was given to us as gifts, got a stack of gift cards and brought almost nothing on my travels.  I knew that I didn’t want to pack everything up, only to unpack it after we migrated and find out that we had missed the life span of some items or clothes in the process.

Fast forward to today when my bro-and-sis-in-law had their first child (a boy, 6lbs, everyone is healthy thank you for asking) and I recently found myself perusing baby stores to check out all the new and interesting stuff out there.  Today’s blog is not really what I have experienced as awesome, but more what I would want to buy if I had those gift cards (and a newborn) today.

The first thing I found is the Kidco Go-Pod Portable Activity Seat. This is a portable seat with loops to attach your kid’s toys. In the picture it looks like one of my beach chairs that folds up easily into a handy bag, which means that it is probably really easy to set up. I love that it can literally go anywhere with ease. I can think of thousands of times that I would have used this handy dandy cute little chair that comes in a variety of really cool color combinations.  It would have been great to put a kid down in someone’s house with no baby seating, to act as a portable high chair, and even out on the fields for older siblings and cousins soccer games.

The next thing I discovered is the Magic Bullet- Baby Bullet. This is a really small blender, that comes with portioned out glass bottles and a rubberized tray for freezing your home made food. There is nothing truly new or exciting about this product except its size, ease of use, and that it is dishwasher safe. I actually did make most of my kids’ baby food. It really wasn’t a big deal. On Sunday mornings I would cook a variety of fruits and vegetables that were about to go bad, blend it up and throw it in the freezer. I was up anyway. As my kids got more interested in actual meals I got lazier and would then toss some of my dinner into the blender or food processor and mush to the appropriate thickness. This Baby Bullet is just a smaller, easier to clean version of what I used. I like gadgets what can I say?

My last new marvel is Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether. In Canada it is called Sophie le Giraffe, because she is French and comes from France and they give Canadians undue credit for understanding that le means the…..ok ok ok moving on. When my friend had her daughter three years ago, I had my in-laws living in Toronto specially send me a Sophie because it wasn’t yet available in the US.  My friend opened the wrapper, looked straight at me, and asked why I bought her beautiful newborn daughter a dog toy. She was in fact right. Sophie is a dog toy packaged and marketed for parents with teething babies. Here is the exciting part. Teething babies and teething puppies have a lot in common. They love malleable non toxic rubber that makes a cute little squeak when played with. I looked at the reviews online and there was a parent who on Amazon went to great lengths to explain why it is not actually a dog toy. C’mon people it is a dog toy, and babies LOVE it.

So help me welcome my new nephew into this world, and tell me how to be the Best Aunt in the world. What would you buy with your stack of gift cards?