POP! Heroes: Green Lantern Vinyl Figure from Funko

Inspired by designer toys and stylized character collectibles the world over, Funko is back with Pop! Heroes. This adorable 3.75″ collectible Green Lantern Vinyl Figure comes packaged with a smile! The unique figure brings Funko’s house style into the world of plastic figures, and we just know that Green Lantern is going to look great on your desk, your shelf, or in your collection!

So….is your POP! Heroes: Green Lantern going to be durable? In most cases we would answer simply enough – it depends on the child. But really, we put this little guy through the works. Remember, this isn’t a bobblehead, so you don’t have to worry about a spring breaking or the head falling off. What you have here is a solid piece of plastic that is made to design dust collecting on a shelf or desk, as well as the creative playtime beatings your junior super heroes are going to put it through as Hal Jordan saves the world (or whatever enemies your little one can dig up in his or her playroom)! So all in all, even with a little extra action this figure should stand up to the test just fine.

Come on….no question about it – we are talking 5 stars here. It’s Green Lantern after all! One of the coolest looking, most sought after collectibles of the summer. With it’s unique, stylized design, this Green Lantern looks friendly, interesting, and like lots of fun. Perfect for easy-going 5-year-olds and die hard collector 40-year-olds!

Well…this Green Lantern doesn’t really do much…or does he? He can keep a watchful eye on your collectible shelf…He can make sure nobody sneaks into your office and takes food off of your desk…And he can inspire a child’s imagination into hours of fun super hero play. On second thought – this little guy packs quite a punch in the functionality department!

In a blind survey our team priced this right between $10 and $15. Remember, it is designed for kids to play with (so it has to be on the low side) and collectors to keep (so there needs to be some value). With an actual retail price of $11.99, Funko kept this guy right in line.

We’ve all seen action figures and collectibles before – and we’ve all seen them in different sizes. But take one look at this Green Lantern’s face and you’ll see he is definitely original. The bright smile and facial design is unique enough to stay on the high side of stars in this category.

Hal Jordan was selected to become a Green Lantern and the balance of good and evil hung in the balance. Seems like a pretty good sentinel to keep watch over your world too, huh?! In all seriousness, if you have a little one into super heroes, he or she is going to love this. Green Lantern is made well, looks sharp and is the perfect addition to a collection or a toy box. Either way you look at it, Funko’s POP! Heroes: Green Lantern Vinyl Figure is work five stars in our book!

Manufacturer: Funko, LLC
Recommended Age: 5 years and up
Retail Price: $11.99
On the Web: www.funko.com
Buy It Here: