Joovy ScooterX2

The Joovy ScooterX2 has world class looks, great functionality and high quality components, making it one of the most exciting double strollers available today.  The Scooter includes Joovy’s signature oversize canopy with a retractable sun visor for maximum protection from the elements.  The seat and canopy are made with 600D fabric with an adjustable and light reflective 5 point harness.  The one hand recline system locks in infinite positions all the way down to 149 degrees for a near flat napping position.  Each seat reclines independently to allow for different recline positions.  Easy, one hand flat fold.  Folded dimensions are 30″ wide x 27″ long x 17″ high.

How difficult can a stroller be to use?  Seems like a fair question – and seems like a fairly simple answer…a stroller is a stroller is a stroller….If you felt that way, you most likely have never had a child.  You’ve never had to load a kicking and screaming toddler in to their seat.  You have never struggled to collapse a stroller in the parking lot while an angry driver waits for your spot. 

The good news is that the people who poured their heart and soul into the design of Joovy’s ScooterX2 clearly have had all of these experiences…and more!  The main features that most parents look for in ease of use are all there – and the fact that they are in a double stroller means that much more.  The ScooterX2 is easy to open up, and easy to fold down.  Weighing it at under 23 pounds the ScooterX2 is light enough for pretty much all parents to lift into and out of the trunk.  The seats recline independently (more on that later) and easily.  The wheels turn when they are supposed to turn and go straight when they are supposed to go straight. 

Bottom line – as far as a side-by-side double stroller goes – the Joovy ScooterX2 is as easy as it gets! 

Obviously, durability is key when it comes to strollers. The one thing all of our parents can agree on is that when they buy a stroller, or a double for that matter, they don’t want to have to buy another – so it better last. The ScooterX2 is built soundly. No rattle or shake. Folding requires using the ground, so you’ll want to make sure you are semi-cautious so that you don’t stain it by closing in a puddle. Otherwise, the 600D nylon fabric spot cleans easily and isn’t likely to rip or to tear. The only questionable part we found was with the bumper bar – which is removable. We liked removing it, and recommend you do so as soon as your child is large enough to get into or out of the seat themselves. It seems to get in the way, sometimes when folding, and looks like it would be the first piece that could break down with constant bumping when you close up the stroller.

There is no question that Joovy has one of the most recognizable, most aesthetically pleasing line of strollers out there. And we are happy to say their ScooterX2 falls right in line. The colors are bright and fun – green and orange – or black if you prefer a little less flash. So often side-by-side strollers look like a tank rolling down the sidewalk or through the mall. The ScooterX2 just doesn’t. It almost appears sleek, and it definitely appears stylish. If you are in the market for a side-by-side you aren’t going to find a better looking option than the ScooterX2.

Allright, we’ve told you how we like the looks, we told you how it’s easy to use, but let’s get down to brass tacks here – how is the function? Stellar!

There are so many features that are extra functional built into the ScooterX2. First off, we love that the seats themselves recline independently – to a totally custom height. Meaning…you can have one child reclining for sleep while the other sits up. Perfect.

Next – the storage is stellar. There is a huge – and we mean huge amount of storage in the baskets underneath. There are zippered mesh pockets next to the seats themselves accessible to the children for their drinks and snacks. And there are storage options on the back of the seats perfect for adult drinks.

The ScooterX2 is wide – but not too wide. We had very little trouble getting through most standard doorways – some were a bit of a squeeze, but all in all – no problemo.

There is a single, wide foot brake that locks both back wheels – so you aren’t fiddling with separate brakes on each wheel. And the front wheels can either swivel freely or be locked into place for rough terrain (beach, grass, etc.).

Short of walking your kids without you, the Joovy ScooterX2 has thought of it all!

Cost Efficiency is the downfall of so many wonderful products – buy not this one! Look – a double stroller can be seen as a bit of a luxury – and with that in mind you can expect to pay a bit more for it. And, believe us, when we got to this category for a Joovy, our Review Team was worried that pricing was going to be off the charts. We heard estimates of $250-$300 – and unfortunately, there are double strollers out there that hit this price range. But not this one! Joovy’s ScooterX2 is priced perfectly fairly at $199! Take that expensive strollers – you can have top of the line features and function at a fair price!

How can a double stroller be original? Well first off look at all of the features…then look at the function and ease of use – and pair it with a great price. Now if that isn’t original, we don’t know what is! All kidding aside, Joovy clearly took the time in design to make sure this stroller had everything parents could be looking for – and that is definitely original in our book.

Oh Joovy – you combine everything we are looking for in a stroller – a cool look, super-function, ease of use and a fair price. The ScooterX2 requires a little set-up out of the box, but once together it couldn’t be any easier to use (and yes – we are talking about a double stroller here!). As far as function goes, you won’t find yourself wishing for any other add-ons – the ScooterX2 has every feature you are looking for. The ScooterX2 is durable and ready to stand up strong to everything your little ones throw at (or on) it. And what we feel most excited about was the fair pricing. We aren’t out for a deal all of the time – we are comfortable spending our hard-earned money on a quality product – and Joovy’s Scooter X2 is just that. Fairly priced for an awesome stroller. We’ve reviewed lots of strollers, and we’ve seen our share of side-by-sides, and we are more than happy to put Joovy’s ScooterX2 at the top of the list!

Manufacturer: Joovy
Recommended Age: 6 months and up
Retail Price: $199.99
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