Really? I just don’t get it!

There are some things I just don’t get. I am not talking about the big things, like why do bad things happen to good people?  I mean the little things.  For example:

  • Why does my husband insist on parking in the farthest spot available? It’s definitely not to protect my car…
  • Why do my kids have to say “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy” before they ask a question? Why can’t they simply ask the question?
  • Why does it always rain the day I get my car washed? Never fails.

I spend a good amount of time mumbling REALLY???? to myself. This constant barrage of in my head questions has been happening more frequently these day when it comes to toys.

Recently I wrote that my kids had been invited to a number of birthday parties. Just as the last candle has been blown out at least one child (usually, but not always mine) within ear shot will in a very loud whisper ask “Is there a goody bag?”

My problem is not with the question (we have after all taught them to expect a goody bag) but with the actual loot bag itself. I feel like I am on a merry-go-round of pass the crap. I don’t want the garbage in my house. For my own children’s parties I don’t want to spend the time and energy finding something cute that goes along with the theme, wrap it up and then award children for coming to a party for which I have spent a small fortune on and endless hours planning.  Please hold your emails…I realize I am the parent and that’s part of the gig.  Of course, it is my choice how much money to spend and what to give.  I take it a step further and involve my kids in the picking out and wrapping process that lead up to the crap goody bag giveaway.  I take full responsibility, but I just don’t get it.  Please can’t we all agree not to buy the garbage, save the earth, and use the goody bag money towards making a donation in honor of our most wonderful special birthday child?!

Another series of questions plaguing me as of late has to do directly with some of the toys my children “have to” have.  Again, I understand they are kids and they want the toys that they want.  Believe me, I have a purse thing going myself.  It’s just, some of the toys they are asking for are beyond my comprehension.

Let’s start with Polly Pocket. For those of you not in the know…Polly Pocketsare itsy-bitsy plastic choking hazards.  They look like animals and people and other such whimsy, and come packaged in teeny-tiny little plastic homes. You can buy them alone and you can also buy play sets for them of all different shapes and sizes.  I love that these toys are portable and allow children the freedom to use their imagination.  They ARE cute. I don’t get them because they are so small they are ALL lost within a few days leaving me to step on said teeny-tiny parts and swear like a pirate in pain.  On second thought, the fact that they are lost within days might actually be toy creator genius. I definitely have re-bought them!

Now I move on to the toy that sparked the idea for this blog: Beyblades. Beyblades are spinning tops. You can buy them alone, in pairs, or with a stadium. I might have this wrong because I am still working on figuring out the whole BB world, but I think that each top has a character attached to it and good vs. evil battles it out in a war of spinning tops. I think there is some connection to Pokemon

I’m certain I’m not the only one out there with a lack of understanding when it comes to toys.  What toys don’t you get?