Djubi – A Cool New Twist on Catch!

Djubi is the coolest new twist on the game of catch! Djubi (pronounced joo-bee) is played with specially designed rackets and a unique ball called the Djubi .The game of catch has been and forever will be a favorite sporting activity – whether its with baseball and gloves, a football, lacrosse sticks, or a flying disc; by fathers and sons in the backyard, college students in the university quad, or families on vacation at the beach. Playing Djubi will take the tried-and-true game of catch to a cool new level of fun and excitement! Hook It! Launch It! Catch It! It launches up to 100 feet and it’s easy to catch!

The Ease of Use category is always a fun one when we are talking about a sporting type item. If you are the Mom or Dad of a child who isn’t exactly the most coordinated (or heck, if you yourself aren’t exactly coordinated) then Djubi may be a bit more challenging for you.

However, we aren’t that comfortable in saying Djubi isn’t easy to use just because it is hard to master. Straight out of the packaging your kids will start the Djubi fun! Hook the Djubi ball onto the outside of the net and let it fly. And if you’re the one on the other end get your racquet ready – it’s time to catch! No rules – just fun – just how we like it!

The only durability concern we have here is keeping track of the Djubi balls. Believe us – when the kids start the Djubis flying, they can be a bit difficult to follow and find. And without the special Djubi balls, the game just isn’t the same. The manufacturer themselves sell packs of just Djubi balls, so obviously we aren’t the first to lose a ball or two!

Oh – Djubi looks cool! Take it out to the park, the beach, even in the front yard – and watch the crowd gather. You may even want to have an extra racquet or two handy so you don’t have to give yours up!

Playing with Djubi doesn’t lend itself exactly to a wide array of function in and of itself. However, the kinds of games you can play are endless – play a regular old game of catch with a new twist, fling it long, fling it high, toss it deep, play points challenges…you get the idea. In the hands of a couple of creative kids, Djubi can provide hours of outdoor fun.

Well, nobody will ever accuse us of not being cost conscious. And unfortunately, Djubi doesn’t fall on the inexpensive side of things. in a blind survey, we priced Djubi right around $15. With an actual retail price of $29.99 that is pretty much double what we expected. We’re not saying it isn’t fun or that you won’t enjoy playing with Djubi, it just cost a considerable amount more than we would have liked.

What Djubi lacks in Cost Efficiency it more than makes up for in Originality. It isn’t paddle ball and it isn’t catch. It isn’t quite a slingshot and it certainly isn’t badminton. What Djubi is is certainly hard to identify – but that’s part of the fun. All we know is, hand over a couple of racquets and a Djubi ball to a couple of kids and stand back, they’ll know what to do (just make sure they do it outdoors!).

There are far too many toys out there that encourage kids to sit inside, on their behinds, in front of a computer or video game…Djubi is just the opposite. Djubi begs to be played. It begs to get your kids outdoor, into the sunshine and fresh air and get them running, jumping and laughing. Of course we’d like the price to be a bit lower (or a lot lower), but regardless of the expense, Djubi is tons of fun to play with. It is well made, durable and all-original. If you’ve got kids that like to get outside, or if you’ve got kids that you want to get more active, hand over Djubi an watch the fun!

Manufacturer: Moonracer Industries Inc.
Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Retail Price: $29.99
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