Spell It! from Blue Orange Games

A knack for spelling and vocabulary will help you succeed at Spell It! Rev up your spelling engines…On your marks…Get set…Roll the five alphabet dice…and let the fun begin!

Spell It! is truly a party game with words! You’re part of the action on every turn. There is always a challenge to get the longest word in the right theme, and the options are abundant. Spell It! keeps your brain busy, while the themes and chance of the dice create a fun atmosphere and keep the action fresh.

1 Dice Tray
5 Alphabet dice
28 Chips
Illustrated Rules

Spell It! is one game that doesn’t take hours to learn how to play. In just one reading of the rules, and maybe one practice round, older kids and young adults (and of course full-grown adults too) are ready to play.

Now, just because Spell It! is easy to get started, doesn’t mean it is exactly an easy game to play! But don’t worry – that’s the fun of it! Spell words using the letters that are rolled on the dice…seems easy enough…but add in the fact that you have a category to stick to, other players you are trying to beat, and the fact that you are trying to spell the longest words for extra points, and this game just got a lot more complicated!

So…all in all…easy to get started, easy game play, but definitely challenging to master!

No durability concerns here. The dice and point chips store well within the game tin. older kids should have no problem keep track of all of the dice and points chips.

Spell It!, like many of the games from Blue Orange Games, has a classic style and bright colors that make it an easy choice to pull off the shelf. But the real key to the visual appeal of this game is in the gameplay itself. Start up a game of Spell It! and watch the crowd gather, listen to them start to call out categories and words. When a game plays well, that if the Visual Appeal that brings more players in – and Spell It! has got it!

Like many of the best “word-themed” board games out there, Spell It! plays differently with every roll of the dice, it doesn’t ever get any easier, and is always lots of fun. With the category and letters changing with every roll, Spell It! is plenty functional!

If you’ve read any of our reviews before, you’ll know that we like our games to be right in the $20 price range. With a retail price of $19.99 we couldn’t be any happier with the price point Blue Orange Games gave to Spell It!

Add categories and a time limit to Scrabble…add a faster pace to Boggle and you are just starting to scratch the surface of what Spell It! is. But if you try to compare it to those games, you’d be selling Spell It! short. The game is totally unique and totally innovative. It is well thought out and well conceived. This is a game unlike any you’ve ever played.

It doesn’t happen all that often, and we are proud to point it out when it does – Spell It! earned itself a five star sweep! Spell It! is easy to get started, challenging to play and different every time you roll the dice. The game is priced fair and absolutely original. And most important of all Spell It! is fun for everyone – whether you’ve got a small group or a large party. Pick a category, roll the dice and get your brain in gear – you’re going to need it when you play Spell It!

Manufacturer: Blue Orange Games
Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Retail Price: $19.99
On the Web: www.blueorangegames.com
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