NursEase Breastfeeding Shawl from Bellies & Beyond

The NursEase Breastfeeding Shawl from Bellies & Beyond offers Moms a discreet and fashionable way to breastfeed their babies anywhere, anytime. Made of 100% organic cotton, the shawl is soft, lightweight and fits easily into a diaper bag. With complete front and back coverage, it allows you to sit, stand or walk with total privacy. The NursEase shawl features an elastic top for easy viewing of the nursing baby, stylish trim, a cute pocket for a pacifier or breast pad and a side slit for access of your free hand. Made in the U.S.A. Available in three sizes and a variety of styles/colors.

Do you think all nursing covers are alike? If you answered yes – you’ve obviously never breast fed a baby in public! Some covers slip and slide. Some rotate around. Some flare up with the breeze. Take it from our Moms – they are not all the same! And with that in mind, we are happy to say that the NursEase¬†Breastfeeding Shawl is definitely easy to use. Slip it over your head and feed comfortably, privately, wherever you are. The elastic top allows you to take a peak at baby, and the slit in the side lets you easily use your free hand for assisting as needed. Absolutely easy to use!

It was clear to see that Bellies & Beyond knew what they were getting into when they designed this shawl! Made of 100% organic cotton, the shawl can be spot cleaned as needed, or thrown in the washing machine for more serious cleaning. And out of the wash, the organic cotton will stay strong and soft. No durability concerns here!

This is one of those special times when five stars just isn’t enough! Our Moms loved the look and style of the NursEase Breastfeeding Shawls that they tested. And when we showed them the other styles on the website they were just as pleased! With 5 different styles in their current line online, there is definitely a NursEase Breastfeeding Shawl that will fit your style preferences.

As much as we all care about the look of our accessories, the key to a good nursing cover is definitely the design. The NursEases Breastfeeding Shawl is simple, yet smart in its design. The elastic top lets you check in on baby. The slip in the side lets you use your free hand to help. There are three sizes for different sized Moms. And there is a small pocket perfect for holding pacifiers or breast pads. Simple and smart – just how we like it!

Fashionably styled nursing covers come in a wide variety of prices. With a suggested retail price of $26.99 the NursEase Breastfeeding Shawl is certainly fairly priced, if not on the low end of the scale.

Well, being in this business for some time now, we certainly have seen a few nursing covers. But remember, just because we’ve seen items in the category, doesn’t mean each can’t bring new innovations to the table. Again – functionality is as important as the style for NursEase – and that says a lot. It is their attention to detail and functionality that keeps this breastfeeding cover on the original side of things!

The NursEase Breastfeeding Shawl from Bellies & Beyond was definitely a hit with our mothers. With all of the documented benefits of breastfeeding, we are always so happy to promote products that we truly find helpful when it comes to feeding – and this is one of them! The NursEase Breastfeeding Shawl is easy to use and super-stylish. It cleans up well and is certainly priced fairly. We know Moms need a breastfeeding cover to be easy to use, and to cover them up when they need to be covered. The NursEase Breastfeeding Shawl does all that and a whole lot more! Excellent overall!

Manufacturer: Bellies & Beyond
Recommended Age: Newborn
Retail Price: $26.99
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