Chuggington Traintastic Cargo Game from The Wonder Forge

The go-for-a-ride, see-what’s-inside game!  A trainload of surprises is chugging into the depot! Can you find the right cargo? Look inside the boxcars for the shapes, colors and numbers you need. But watch out — you never know when Old Puffer Pete will chug around the track and mix up everything! It’s a fun game of memory, pattern matching and discovery!  For ages 3+, 1 or more players.

Learning Fun

  • Memory
  • Pattern Matching
  • Number, color and shape recognition

Product Contents

  • Game Box with Rotating Train Disk and 8 Boxcar Doors
  • 4 Game Boards
  • 30 Vee Cards
  • 32 Cargo Pieces
  • 1 Game Rules Manual

Chuggington Traintastic Cargo Game requires a bit of set-up the first time out of the box, and for younger children this could prove challenging. There are lots of little pieces that need to be placed, then cargo doors that need to be properly positioned. Parents will most likely need to help out with first-time set-up – and sometimes re-setting up after the game.

The game play itself is pretty intuitive, and a smart way to work some learning in to the mix of a fun game. Kids will definitely enjoy each turn, flicking the spinner (or trying to – more on that just below), and looking for the cargo they need to fill up their train card.

Two warnings with game play: 1. The spinner was a bit challenging for many of our younger players to negotiate. The spinner we had on the game board was actually a bit tight to the cardboard. To adults, a simple flick of a spinner seems like an easy thing, but we actually had to encourage our kids to keep trying until they got it (as opposed to giving up and asking for someone else to spin for then). 2. The game revolves around opening the “cargo” doors (which are cardboard cutouts). For many of our kids with little fingers, they were also having trouble accomplishing this task. The doors did seem to loosen up a bit as the game was played, but it was still a challenge.

For the most part, almost any board game we review is going to be just fine in the durability department, and Chuggington Traintastic Cargo Game is no exception. The game itself is played essentially within the box (except for your Train Game Board and Cargo pieces), which we really like for games targeted to younger players. The self contained box helps keep pieces where they belong!  However, there are lots of little pieces, and lots of little hands trying to grab those pieces – which is a recipe for losing game pieces.  So – Mom and Dad, big brothers and big sisters, be on the lookout for dropped or misplaced pieces when you do play this game with little ones. You’ll want to do a good double check before closing up when you are done playing for sure!

Five stars for sure! If you have a little one, you know how much they love Chuggington! The Chugginton trains just have an adorable look that kids gravitate to…and this game doesn’t disappoint!  The characters are authentic to the cartoon, and the colors are bright and fun.  And the way the game itself is played will certainly attract a crowd. Nicely done!

Chuggington Traintastic Cargo Game plays really well for little children.  Older kids may find the game play a bit simplistic, but for little ones it is a really nice mix of fun play and teaching skills.  At the beginning, each player draws a “Vee Card” which tells them the pattern or numbers they’ll need to collect to load their cargo and win the game.  Then as the game progresses, kids have to count, match, make some strategic decisions, and try to remember what pieces are where to properly load up their cargo.  The game itself pushes the skill set of little ones right to the limit.  Well designed, well conceived!

Our toughest category….Cost Efficiency.  So many a good review goes bad right here….but not this one!!! In a blind survey our team priced this game between $15 and $20.  Actual retail price is $14.99!  It is not often that we come across a toy or a game that understands its own depth and prices accordingly – and this one does!  Look – there are lots of pieces and it is an adorable game, but if for some reason the manufacturer thought they should price this between $25 or $30 it would be way too much.  The Wonder Forge gets it right!  At a price point of $14.99 not only is it a perfectly priced to pick up for your own kids, it is also a perfectly priced birthday gift (actually it is even inexpensive enough to add on another item – maybe the Chuggington Matching Game – hint, hint).  Thank you folks at The Wonder Forge for understanding pricing and pricing this game perfectly!  Editors Note: Sorry if it seemed like we went on too long about pricing, but this really is such an important category for us, and so many manufacturers miss the boat!

We have definitely played train-themed games before, but nothing quite as well-designed as this one.  The game play is well thought out and engaging for little ones.  There is definitely some learning involved which is a plus, but it doesn’t get in the way of the fun. All original!

Chuggington Traintastic Cargo Game has a lot to offer.  First off, if your little one is a Chuggington fan they are going to be happy to be playing with their favorite engine!  Secondly, the learning is snuck in their in such a way that kids won’t even realize they are paying attention, and working with numbers and shapes.  Next, the game looks fun, and plays well.  And finally – the pricing couldn’t be any more perfect!  Yes, set-up may be a bit of a challenge for little ones. And yes, you’ll need to keep an eye on the little pieces.  But overall, you really can’t ask for much more in a game. Five stars it is!

Manufacturer: The Wonder Forge
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $14.99
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