Celebrate Jewish Lullabies Volume 1 CD from Craig N Co

Celebrate Jewish Lullabies is a collection of lullabies designed to warm the hear and soothe the soul – and most importantly – help your little one ease off to sleep!  It features 14 songs from top selling artists including: Aviva Chernick, Yael Meyer, David Broza, Elana Jagoda, The Pop Up, Josh Nelson, Linda Hirschhorn, Marsha Attie, Moshav, Noah Aronson, David Paskin, Saul Kaye and Craig Taubman.

Track Listing:

  1. Laila Tov – Craig Taubman
  2. Tiny Nose – Yael Meyer
  3. I’m Tired – The Pop Ups
  4. Talia’s Lullaby – Linda Hirschhorn
  5. B’yado – David Paskin
  6. Heart of Mine – Masha Attie
  7. Fading Light – Noah Aronson
  8. Dream Again – Moshav
  9. Night is Falling Down – Josh Nelson
  10. Sleep, Baby, Sleep – Aviva Chernick
  11. Angels By My Side – Craig Taubman
  12. Hashkivenu – Elana Jagoda
  13. Shema Lullaby – Saul Kaye
  14. Lullaby – David Broza

Ease of use for a CD – well of course. Remember, there are some of us on staff here who had little ones during the time of records and cassette tapes – and if you’ve ever tried to ease a baby off to sleep with one of those you know they aren’t exactly the most user friendly forms of media ever invented! With a CD – it’s super-easy – as long as you have a CD player of course! And our guess is that if you don’t, you’ll be able to easily add this to your mp3 player of choice, plug in and help your little one off to la la land.

Yes – we do rate CDs (and DVDs) on their durability. Simply put – little hands love to find their way to CDs and DVDs. And if you place the Celebrate Jewish Lullabies CD in a CD player on a low shelf you’ll be amazed how quickly your little one will get to it. And since you know how to properly handle a CD, you’ll be quickly reminded that not everyone does. Fingerprints, food, snot, saliva – all no-nos when it comes to CD care. Be warned – this CD will last a lifetime if you properly care for it…and it won’t last long at all if you don’t!

Functionality tends to get a little bit trickier when it comes to a CD such as this one. First off – the songs are lovely, and could easily help any little child drift off to sleep. With that said, Craig Taubman is a well-known, well-loved Jewish folk singer. He has gathered some of the most amazing Jewish singers and added them to this compilation CD. Some of the songs are in English, some are in Hebrew. So…if you are not Jewish, the songs may not resonate as well with you. Don’t get us wrong, they are lovely songs, but the CD itself is designed for Jewish families, and may not carry the same meaning with non-Jewish families.

We like our music inexpensive – especially when we are talking music for kids. Our target price for CDs is $9.95. With a suggested retail price of $15.00, Celebrate Jewish Lullabies is approximately 33% higher than we would hope for.

Music to help kids sleep isn’t original – and neither are religious-themed CDs or folk songs. But the collection of music is what carries this category for Celebrate Jewish Lullabies. Each song is unique, heartfelt, warm, and sung by some of the most talented Jewish singers around. By gathering all of the artists together to create a compilation CD of wonderful songs is the perfect idea to make this CD wonderful.

Overall Celebrate Jewish Lullabies is a collection of touching, sweet, soft, soothing songs. All children would enjoy listening to the melodies and drifting off to sleep. Yes, it is designed with a Jewish audience in mind first and foremost, but if you are not Jewish, open to other religions and cultures, and looking for a special CD to send your child to sleep – this is a good choice. Of course we would like the price to be a few dollars less – but that really isn’t anything new for us! A wonderful gift for new parents, new babies, or anyone looking for a little extra touch to help a little one get their nightly rest!

Manufacturer: Craig N Co
Recommended Age: Newborn - 4 years
Retail Price: $15.00
On the Web: www.craignco.com
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