“Go-to-Gifts” and Why You Need Them (Trust Me – You Do Need Them)

April showers bring May flowers; AND lots and lots of birthdays. I feel like every other day one of my kids is waving some really cute, fanciful invitation in my face. My kids love birthday parties, and keep careful track of the date and times so as not to miss a single one (I wish I was joking).

Earlier this year I instituted a rule whereby my kids could only go to parties of kids that they are really friends with. Apparently my kids are “really really good, maybe even bestest in the whole wide world friends” with a whole bunch of kids. I try really hard to pick out individual gifts for each kid, but sometimes I just can’t get it together. In my secret behind-the-laundry-room cupboard I keep a not-so-secret stash of “Go-to-Gifts”.

A “Go-to-Gift” is one that is easy on the wallet (in the $20 range), and what I believe to be generally well liked by the under 10 masses. These gifts are also very handy when a random person shows up at your house with gifts for your kid, and you have totally forgotten to buy something equally as awesome for their family. A “Go-to-Gift” must also be able to span a few age ranges, and be easy to wrap; I am not very good at wrapping! I have included some examples to get you shopping in the right direction.

1.  Creativity For Kids Bath Time Bakery Cupcake Soaps (approximate retail price – $19.99)
I love this kit! Girls love to design and use the soaps. I embrace its total ease of use.  You don’t need to melt or mix the soap, or read a boatload of directions. The kids can shape it, add some sprinkles, glitter, and put it into a cupcake soap holder. Voila! Really cute little soaps.

2.  Scientific Explorer Spa Science (approximate retail price – $24.99)
This was really fun to do, and the kit had tons of experiments. It lasted at least 5 uses, which seems like really great value. Wit this kit you can make really yummy bath gels, bath fizzers, spa lotion, bath balm, a face mask and shampoo. This is definitely a great gift for a girly girl who has a little scientific edge to her.

3.  Scientific Explorer’s Disgusting Science – A Kit for Studying the Science of Revolting Things (approximate retail price – $19.99)
This kit is awesome for the boy that loves gross stuff! You can make mold, germs, and fake blood. Like other boxes of fun, parents need to gear the activity to be age appropriate. It says 8+ on the box, but it can absolutely be great for a broad range of ages.

I hope that I have inspired you to stock up, and never get caught in that moment when you realize that you have OMG! forgotten to grab a gift. Happy Shopping and Stocking!

A bit of extra, unsolicited advice: If you are a bit savvy you might even be able to find a coupon for many of these treasures. I know I can almost always get these gifts at 40% off!