Dr. Seuss What’s in the Cat’s Hat? Game

The Cat in the Hat has something mysterious in his hat! Can you guess what it is? In this fun, multisensory exploration game, one player hides a household object of their choice inside the hat and the other players use questions, clues, and the hat’s fun interactive exploratory features to discover what it is. Is it something we eat? What room does it belong in? Not sure? Try feeling the hat with your elbows, poking your finger through a hole, or looking at the object through the magic crystalline window. Includes 1 hat, 33 cards, rules manual.

Pretty much from the minute you open the box it is game on with this super-fun, super-easy-to-use game for little ones. It took us just under half of a round of practice and the assorted 3, 4 and 5 year olds that we were playing with were off and running – literally! – to find new items to hide in the hat. And once the semi-practice round was completed, the kids easily worked their way through the game. Following the directions is intuitive, asking the questions, and working your way to figuring out what’s in the hat is fun, enjoyable and definitely easy!

No durability questions here. The hat is made well for a lifetime of game play. Obviously the one durability concern here would be misplacing or losing cards, but since most likely parents are going to be working with the kids here this shouldn’t be a problem. In truth, even if a card or two does end up being misplaced it certainly won’t affect the game play.

The Cat in the Hat’s hat is iconic. And whether you are 3, 33 or 73 years old, there is something about that red and white striped hat that just brings a smile to your face! The hat alone is enough to draw children of all ages to this game, but the visual appeal doesn’t end there. The playing cards are drawn in classic Dr. Seuss style and are fun to read and look at. Top notch visual appeal!

Functionality is a bit of a tricky category for this game – and here’s why: the game itself plays really well. Kids will have lots of fun picking items to hide in the hat, and have lots of fun working their way through the questions and answers to figure out what the item is. The problem we found was with the function of the hat itself. There are three openings designed into the hat that are designed to come into game play. The first hole allows kids to stick a finger inside to feel around to try and determine what is in the hat. That hole works. The other two are designed for seeing in and smelling…and no matter what we put into the hat, those two holes just didn’t offer any clues. The seeing hole has a webbing that is supposed to allow the child to see a shadow, but in reality you pretty much can’t see anything. And the smelling hole is designed to let some scent pass through, but we couldn’t catch a whiff. Neither of those factors do not necessarily influence the game in a negative way, but they don’t allow the kids to have fun with those parts of the game.

In a blind survey our parents priced the What’s in the Cat’s Hat? Game between $13 and $15. With an actual retail price of $19.99 this is approximately 25% higher than our parents had expected. The game itself is fun, but all that is included is a hat and some playing cards, not tons of pieces or parts. Remember, this isn’t a commentary on the game itself, we just think it could be priced a little bit less for what is included.

We’ve seen guessing games before…but nothing this well conceived. Tying in the Cat in the Hat and his most famous hat is brilliant – kids are immediately interested. Then giving them the chance to pick out items to hide, and letting the kids guide the question and answer session is fantastic. All original and all fun!

Dr. Seuss What’s in the Cat’s Hat? Game is flat out fun for kids to play. It is definitely easy to use, durable and has top notch visual appeal. It’s never a surprise when we feel a game or toy could be priced a bit lower, so if you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars for a game, we certainly hope the pricing doesn’t sway you. Kids love this game! They love finding items to hide in the hat…and they love trying to figure out what their friends have hidden in the hat. The question cards guide the fun perfectly and are easy to read by little learners. Take Dr. Seuss What’s in the Cat’s Hat? Game out of the box, step back and let the hours of fun unfold!

Manufacturer: The Wonder Forge
Recommended Age: 3 years +
Retail Price: $19.99
On the Web: www.thewonderforge.com
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