Baby Fanatic Kickoff Collection 3 Piece Gift Set & Receiving Blanket Gift Product Review

Get your little one started on the road to fandom with these officially licensed gift sets from Baby Fanatic!

The Kickoff Collection includes a bib, a bottle and a pacifier.  Each item is BPA and phthalate-free, and is boldly decorated with colorful team graphics and colors.  The pacifier and bottle feature a silicone nipple, while the bib is 100% cotton with a Velcro closure and embroidered logo.  The Receiving Blanket is 24″ x 36″ in size, made of 100% cotton and features team colors and an embroidered logo.

Of course these awesome team-themed baby items are easy to use! If the new Mom or Dad is a sports fan they will know doubt know exactly how to use each item with the new baby – in fact they may even insist on it! In all seriousness, the Receiving Blanket is soft, cuddly and the perfect size for a tight swaddle. And the Kickoff Collection comes with the three items so many babies need most – their pacifier, their bottle and bib. Now if there was only some sort of team-themed diaper changer….

No durability concerns here. Each item in the Kickoff Collection is made to the highest of standards – including 100% BPA and Phthalate free for the bottle and the pacifier. The bib and the receiving blanket are both 100% cotton and stitched well to last long. Add in that they are both machine washable for the inevitable stain and you are looking at some quality made gear.

Well…if you ask a Redskins fan what they think of this Cowboys collection’s visual appeal and you may get a different answer, but we think these pieces couldn’t look any more awesome (for the dads) or adorable (for the moms)! Team colors, team logos, team style – and of course all designed for babies – so the pieces just look really cute. If you are a fan like us, you’ll think five stars just aren’t enough the first time you see your baby wrap their arms around your favorite team’s logo!

Between the Kickoff Collection and the Receiving Blanket, you’ve got just about everything you need to get started. Bottle – check! Pacifier – check! Bib – check! Receiving Blanket – check! And they all work well, hold up well, and wash well. Plenty functional for our little ones and their needs!

Cost Efficiency is a little bit tricky for this category and here’s why: For some people, they would spend whatever it takes to outfit their little on in their team’s gear. So $19.99 for the Kickoff Collection and $24.99 for the Receiving Blanket seem appropriate. For others, they’d rather stick to generics and pay what in some cases could be half of the cost. Remember though, these items aren’t necessarily for everyone. They are for the die-hard fans…and if you know anything about a die-hard fan, money isn’t at the top of the list when it comes to supporting the team!

The Kickoff Collection is a complete baby-needs kit. And the Receiving Blanket – well – it’s a blanket. Allright – so we have seen other baby bottle and bib collections before, and we’ve certainly seen a receiving blanket or two in our time. With that said, we love the way that Baby Fanatic incorporates team logos and colors. Definitely a nice original touch!

If you are a sports fan and have a little one in your life, it’s hard not to love the gift items from Baby Fanatic. Of course, all pieces are made to top quality standards and that is a big deal for us. Once that is established you’ll quick realize that not only do you have baby items that are going to last- but baby items you are thrilled for your little one to hang onto and use! Yes, the price is a bit higher than non-licensed baby items, but we are talking about a Yankees bib – or a Red Sox bottle. A Gators Receiving Blanket or a Seminoles pacifier. If you happily cheer on the good guys (whichever team you call yours) you’ll love all of the exciting gear choices form Baby Fanatic!

Manufacturer: Baby Fanatic
Recommended Age: newborn - 2 years
Retail Price: Kickoff Collection - $19.99, Receiving Blanket - $24.99
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