What? Deluxe Addition Party Game from Outset Media

What? Deluxe Edition is a hilarious party game of who-said-what. Players are asked to write humorous responses to questions and situations, and everyone must guess who wrote what. Because players try to guess the author of only one response, game play is very fast. Players spend more time with the fun stuff, writing and reading their responses. With players trying to come up with the most comical and outrageous answers possible, What? is one of the funniest game you will ever play!

Example: What is the best part about a blizzard during the holidays? Snuggling in front of a fire…no way! Playing outside in the snow…not even close! Having your in-laws cancel their visit…you bet!

For 5 or more players, ages 14 and up.Contents: 162 cards, answer sheet pad, scoring sheet pad, scoring sheet shield and 12 pencils.

One of the things we like most in a game, especially a game designed to be played in large groups, is that it is easy to use. Thankfully, What? is just that! There are no complicated rules – just lots of fun. And if your group turns out to be anything like our group – scoring quickly flies out the window. The fun is in answering questions and guessing who said what – not keeping track of who wins. What? is definitely an easy-to-use party game!

No durability issues here. What? consists of 162 cards and answer sheets (the important parts) and scoring sheets and a scoring shield (the not important parts). If/when you run out of answer sheets, good old plain scrap paper can fill in nicely. As long as the person that reads the questions from cards is able to place them back into the box, there is no possibility of this game breaking down or falling apart. Excellent durability.

Well…What? doesn’t have any flashing lights or sounds, no loud buzzer, no big dry-erase board. But it doesn’t need any of that – so no worries! The box looks adult (not childish) so older kids won’t think they are going to get stuck playing Chutes and Ladders, and the cards are well written and easy to read. Remember, the fun in this game is in the discussions, not the box – so even though What? isn’t the flashiest game around, it still earns four stars in our book for this simple reason – playing the game looks (and is) more fun than the game itself. We like that.

How can a game that pretty much consists of a bunch of questions get 5 stars in the functionality department? Easy – because this game relies on you and your friends for functionality! If you have friends that can make you laugh, smile, giggle or guffaw, then What? (along with a bit of help from the gang) offers all of the functionality you need. It plays easy and fast – and the answers are going to vary every time you play! Super functionality for a party game!

In a blind survey we priced What? right at $20. With a suggested retail price of $24.99 – it is about 20% higher than we would have hoped for. Even with that aid, $25 isn’t exactly overpriced when it comes to a party game that you’ll get to have a new experience with each time you play.

Think you’ve played a game similar to What?? Think again – you haven’t (at least nothing we have played is similar). What? is fun, and it is easy, and it asks the questions and demands the answers you want to hear most from your friends. You will laugh and you will smile. You may even blush once or twice!

What? is tons of fun to play. It is well designed for teens 14 years and up – and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear parents and young couples borrowing What? to play with their friends. It is that good! What? play fast, is fairly affordable, is absolutely original, and is definitely a blast to play. If you’ve been on the hunt for a fun party game – look no further – What? is it!

Manufacturer: Outset Media
Recommended Age: 14 years +
Retail Price: $24.99
On the Web: www.thegameofwhat.com
Buy It Here: