Angels from the Attic – Plush Toys & Story Book

The Angels from the Attic are designed to promote imaginative play and come packaged in their own Attic play box which includes a twelve page picture book telling their story.

The Angels from the Attic are a group of six special characters who all live in a magical Attic. Sunray Bear, Misty Pig, Crystal Cat, Eclipse Doggy, Looner Bunny and Twinkle Mouse are collectible true pals for life that will always bring a smile and offer a welcome hug. The Angels have their own unique personalities, much like the children who play with them, making the connection a lasting one. Angels from the Attic have no wires, plugs, moving parts or plastic pieces. They require no batteries or remotes and have been safety tested for all ages. Simple, classic, warm and always there when they are needed!

“When Life Gives You Lemons…” is Angels from the Attic very own story book! This fun 10×10″ Hardcover storybook adventure features the Angels from the Attic building their own lemonade stand to help Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

The Angels have lots of fun and learn about working together to help others. A net portion of the proceeds from the “When Life Gives You Lemons…” series benefits Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer.

Ahhh…nothing easier than a good old stuffed animal and a colorful story book! Each Angels from the Attic Plush Soft Toy is ready for hugs and fun right out of the box. No batteries required – just kid power and imagination! And the “When Life Give You Lemons…” story book is perfectly written for an easy read to your little ones.

When the Angels from the Attic team set out to design their plush toys it was easy to see that they knew who there market was. Obviously, bright colors and soft fabric were a plus, but these little guys are also made well to stand up to the hugs, the tugs, the pulling and the drooling that is an every day part of a little person’s life! No durability concerns here.

Super cute! Super colorful! Super bright! That goes for the entire line of plush toys and the story book!

Well…Angels from the Attic Plush Toys are simple stuffed animals, so they aren’t exactly the most functional toy we’ve ever reviewed. They are perfect for hugs and sleepovers, but that’s about it.

We did provide an extra star however for the “When Life Gives You Lemons…” storybook due to the message behind it. We love when a book teaches lessons to a little one, and this book does just that. By introducing the importance of charity the Angels from the Attic are providing a great service for generations of readers to come! Well done!

In a blind survey, members of our review team expected the plush toys to come in at a price of around $14, and the storybook to come in at a price of around $10. With actual retail prices of $20 and $13 respectively, both Angels from the Attic items were priced a bit higher than we would have hoped for.

Stuffed animals are not unique. Neither are storybooks about stuffed animals. And neither are stuffed animals that have an online component (as the Angels from the Attic dolls do). But, the designs are original. The idea of getting back to simple stuffed animals is original. And there is nothing un-original about the smiles and the smiles you’ll see from your little ones when handing over one of the Angels. Add in the storybook and its charitable message and the originality starts to shine through.

How can you go wrong with an adorable stuffed animal that carries a positive message? Really – you can’t! Yes, we would have liked the price a tad lower, but keep in mind with the storybook a portion of the proceeds is going to charity. Angels from the Attic are sweet to look at and will be sweet for your children to play with. An Angel from the Attic would make for a perfect gift for a friend with little ones, or for a little one of your own!

Manufacturer: Big City Publishing
Recommended Age: Plush: Newborn - 5 years, Book: 3 - 6 years
Retail Price: Plush: $19.95, Book: $12.95
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