Shake ‘n Take Alien Board Game

Aliens are on the loose and it’s up to you to capture them! Everybody’s got aliens, but there are only two capture markers. Catch as many aliens as you can, before the next player grabs the capture marker right out of your hand. Be the first to capture all of your aliens and win!

We absolutely love board games that are easy to play. We want to be able to open the box, read the rules once, maybe have one run through, and then get down to the fun. This is exactly what Shake ‘n Take offers! Pass out the dry-erase game boards, roll the dice and start circling. But you better be fast because the person to your right is rolling a die of their own ready to steal your marker and start circling aliens of their own. It’s simple to play – and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Shake ‘n Take is made well and should have no major durability issues. The game boards are dry-erase and clean up easily. The included dry-erase markers are of quality, and when they do run out are replaceable without negatively impacting the game. The only reason we didn’t offer all five stars here is this – the game plays fairly aggressively. We like that aggressive nature, but it can lead to some issues with missing dice, possibly a mis-handle of a grabbed marker and definitely some potential for wear and tear. The aggressive, fun side is part of the game, but it does raise a few small durability concerns for us.

Shake ‘n Take looks awesome! Bright fun colors on the box, bright fun colors on the game boards. And the Alien Markers just top it all off! Five stars for sure!

So…Shake ‘n Take is easy to play – we covered that already…but…it isn’t exactly strategically challenging. Don’t get us wrong – the game plays perfectly and it works well for laughs in a large group…but it isn’t exactly a game you want to play with just two (or even three people). There are no hidden twists…no real strategy…just a lot of fun. Unfortunately, that doesn’t call for an awful lot of functionality either.

In a blind survey our team priced Shake ‘n Take just under $20. The actual retail price is $27.99 – almost 30% higher than we expected. The game itself consists of dry-erase game boards, dice, and dry-erase markers (which eventually you will have to replace). With what is included we definitely would have liked to see the price a bit lower.

We play a lot of games here…alot! And we have never, ever, ever played anything like Shake ‘n Take! It was one of those games that was almost refreshing for our team. It is easy! It is exciting! And it is fun!

Overall our team thoroughly enjoyed playing Shake ‘n Take. From the minute we opened the box to the minute we completed our first round it was easy to see this was going to be fun. Shake ‘n Take is so easy to play – and so much fun for large groups! It brings out the competitiveness in players of all ages – and in turn that brings out the laughs and the smiles. Sure it is a fairly simple concept and game play…but isn’t that just what you are looking for in a party game? If you don’t mind paying a few extra dollars, and aren’t looking for the most complex, strategy involved game you’ve ever played, you and your gang are going to have plenty of fun and plenty of laughs with Shake ‘n Take!

Manufacturer: Out of the Box Publishing
Recommended Age: 8 years +
Retail Price: $27.99
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