Squinkies Skull Cavern Playset from Blip Toys

Now little boys (and girls too!) can go deep inside the wickedness of the world of Squinkies with the Skull Cavern Playset!  Load up to 20 Squinkies in the top, insert magic Squinkies coin (or nickel or dime) and turn the dial for a Squinkies surprize!  The Skull Cavern also opens to reveal two top-secret thrones to display your Squinkies power! The Skull Cavern Playset comes with 6 exclusive collectible Squinkies characters and 4 magic coins.

All new Squinkies Bubble Packs for Boys packs in all of the Squinkies fun in a series designed with little boys in mind! Squinkies are squishy, squashy 1″ figures that comes in a bubble. There are 14 characters included in each pack along with 2 battle dice. Boys now have a chance to collect, trade and even battle with their Squinkies of their own!

Let’s put it this way – the world of Squinkies is not one that it takes little boys a long time to adapt to! First off – Squinkies themselves are perfect little figures that boys love to collect, gather, set-up and play pretend with. That is easy enough. Add in the Skull Cavern Playset and watch the fun go to a whole new level. Whether placing a Magic Coin in the slot to retrieve a new Squinkie, or opening up the Skull Cavern to set-up displays or action-scenes, the set and Squinkies themselves are certainly easy to play with!

The Skull Cavern Playset is made well and should last long. Designed with little boy hands in mind, there should be no durability or breakage issues here. The one thing we will caution you on is that the Squinkies themselves are small. They will fall out of little hands. They will get misplaced in cars. They will fall in between couch cushions. And be warned – when a Squinkie goes missing the owner will be upset! So…keep an eye on where the Squinkies go – and always try to collect them up at the end of playtime. No durability issues, you just don’t want missing Squinkies on your hands!

5 stars here for sure! Look – Squinkies are adorable – and it was obvious to us (and obviously obvious to the Squinkies people) that little boys wanted in on the action. And for a lot of little boys, no matter how hard they tried, if Squinkies were full of pastels and little girl colors they just couldn’t get into them. Well, with the invention of the Squinkies for Boys Collector’s Packs and Playsets – problem solved. And little boys everywhere will rejoice at the awesome, cool, boys-in-mind design of the Skull Cavern Playset and Packs.

At first glance parents often want to write off a collectible-type toy such as Squinkies as having very little functionality. Parents, it’s not the first time we’ve written this, once again you would be wrong.

Squinkies and the Skull Cavern Playset have tons of functionality on so many different levels. First off, Squinkies are collector’s items – and if there is one things little kids love to do, it’s collect. Kids can get different series of Squinkies, store them and display them. They’ll keep track of them and carry them with pride.

Add in a playset like the Skull Cavern and now the functionality really takes off. First, you’ve got a gumball-style set that makes it fun for kids to get their Squinkies. Then, it opens up to reveal a Skull Cavern that is perfect to get the imagination going offering hour after hour of play. If you have a child that loves to set-up little worlds and battles with action figures, cars and blocks, you know just what I’m writing about here.

And then – Squinkies added a battle component of their own with the included Battle Dice. Between Pokemon, Beyblades, Kung-Zhu and more – kids certainly love their pretend battles more than ever.

For fun, simple collectibles, Squinkies could not have added any more functionality to the mix!

Always our most contentious category, Squinkies came out of this one unscathed! With a retail price of $19.99 the Skull Cavern Playset was priced exactly where we expected it to be. Any higher would have pushed the upper limits. Priced under $20 the Skull Cavern Playset is perfect to buy for your own kids and perfectly priced for a birthday present! And the Bubble Packs that include 14 additional Squinkies plus 2 Battle Dice is priced under $10. A small investment perfect for adding to and building your child’s Squinkies collection.

Originality is always a tricky one. Yes there have been action figures and toys for boys around for years. And yes, the “mini” craze is certainly not a brand new concept when it comes to toys. But Squinkies are original – and here is why. First – the design. Bright colors, tiny figures, super-cool looking. Second, they added in playsets and carriers and ways to really begin the fun. And third – they had a concept that was really working for little girls and made it interesting, exciting and fun for little boys. Put it all together and you have some great originality.

It has been quite a while since we’ve had any product earn five stars across the board – but we’re happy to award them all to Squinkies! From collecting to imaginative play, perfect pricing, durability and originality – Squinkies has it all. Add Squinkies to your little one’s world and you’ll open them up to hours of endless play, fun and collecting!

Manufacturer: Blip Toys
Recommended Age: 4 - 8 years
Retail Price: $19.99
On the Web: www.squinkies.com
Buy It Here: