Name 5 from Endless Games

Can you name 5 things that can make a person sneeze? How about 5 TV Dads? 5 video games? 5 vegetables beginning with “a”?

Name 5 is an outrageous new party game from Endless Games that asks the easy questions that you know the answers to. Sure, you know 1 Tom Hanks movie and 1 Tina Turner song – but can you name 5?!?

Name 5 is designed for kids ages 12 and up – so at first glance you may think this is going to be a pretty complicated, pretty high-level game. Well – you’d be wrong! That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun or challenging – it just means that with just a few minutes of practice your older kids and teens will be playing and laughing away. We actually played this with some younger kids who could understand the game and join in on the fun as well! Very easy to use!

As with most board games for older children there are no real durability concerns.

The game itself has a nice, clean, colorful look. There’s no bells and whistles – no flashing lights. Name 5 certainly doesn’t need any of that, but it isn’t the most dynamically exciting game we’ve ever seen.

Name 5 is a simple game with a virtually unlimited amount of variation. To us that translates as loads of laughs, loads of fun and a game that can be played over and over again. How’s that for functionality!

With a price point of $23.99 Name 5 is priced just a tad higher than we would have liked. In all honesty, we have a hard time awarding 5 stars to a game that costs more than $20 – and without any crazy visuals, we think a couple of dollars less would make this a better deal. All in all, we’re only talking $3 or $4 – so if you like games the couple extra dollars should definitely not turn you away.

Name 5 is definitely original. The game takes a fun concept and mixes it with easy game play for quick paced fun. And it plays like no other game we’ve ever reviewed.

Overall, Name 5 is easy to use, fun to play, affordable and absolutely original. From out of the box to active play all you need is a few minutes for a quick learning curve. From there the laughs start rolling in. And just because you think you are the king of pop culture or the kin of trivia, don’t think you’ve got this game on lock down – even the kids in the room can happily show you how it’s done! Name 5 is great for teens and tweens – and great for families! Enjoy the fun!

Manufacturer: Endless Games
Recommended Age: 12 years +
Retail Price: $23.99
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