The Snack-Trap Snack Holder

The Snack-Trap is the original “Mom-invented” anti-spill snack cup; designed with moms in mind.  The Snack-Trap is basically a two handled plastic cup with a soft plastic lid cut into flaps.  The soft flaps allow little hands in and out for snacks, but snacks stay put if the cup is dropped, thrown or tipped over. The Snack-Trap is big enough for fingers, but small enough to prevent ‘fist fulls’.  Plus extra lids are available to keep the snacks in place and fresh when you’re not using it, or to turn it into a traditional sippy cup.  The Snack-Trap has been independently tested and certified lead free, BPA free, latex free and it meets or exceeds all safety standards for infant feeding products.

Fill the Snack-Trap up with your child’s favorite goodies, hand it over, and watch them work! As our little one likes to say: “Easy, squeezy, lemon, peezy!” The best part here is that you can load a wide variety of snacks in and they’ll be waiting for little hands and little fingers to pull them out to enjoy. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

The snack-Trap is going to get dropped. It’s going to get licked. It’s going to get chewed-on. Rolled under a table. Under your seat in the car. Pretty much anywhere your little one can think of to drop this sucker, it’s going to be dropped! But – we are happy to say – it clean up easily! We recommend a good warm soap and water hand-washing, but it should hold up fine on the top shelf in the dishwasher. As long as you don’t lose it the Snack-Trap should last longer than your little one will need it!

The Snack-Trap is cute – bright colors and fun designs. It certainly isn’t over the top, gotta-pull-it-off-the-shelf adorable…but hey, it isn’t exactly meant to attract attention – it’s meant to keep food in!

With the Snack-Trap you’ll be thrilled at the amount and variety of foods that you can place it in to hand over to the kids. Beyond that it doesn’t do much more. Remember – it isn’t supposed to – but as far as functionality goes there are limits to a snack holder…

A single Snack-Trap has a retail price of $4.99 – and multi-packs are available at discounted prices. For $5 you are talking about a little life-saver that will keep those cheerios, crackers, fruit bits off the floor and heading to your little one’s mouth.

The Snack-Trap claims to be the original – we won’t dispute that. But we have seen other snack-holders that have a similar design.

Overall if you are a parent of a toddler and don’t have a Snack-Trap – you need to get one! These little snack holders really make life easier on parents. Can a mischievous toddler work all of the snacks out and still throw them on the ground? Yes – but it will at least take them a little work. For toddlers not quite so interested in causing trouble, snacks stay clean inside the holder waiting for little hands to take them out and bring them to their little mouths. Buy it for your own child or give it as a gift – the Snack-Trap will definitely keep Moms, Dads and little ones happy!

Manufacturer: Mossworld Enterprises
Recommended Age: 12-36 months
Retail Price: $4.99
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