Baby Javier from Baby Abuelita

Javier is the a toddler doll who is the newest member of the Baby Abuelita family of dolls. Javier sings 5 traditional Spanish language lullabies and nursery rhymes. Song translations are included with the doll for non-Spanish speakers. Javier is designed to teach music, preserve culture and help teach a second language.

Baby Javier is certainly easy to use. This adorable little guy easily inspires creative play and with the simple squeeze of his soft left hand, Javier sings soft, sweet, Hispanic lullabies. Easy as can be!

Baby Javier is clearly made well to last a lifetime! The eyes and features are stictched in (not buttons) – making him safe for toddlers. All stitching is tight and should not pull or open. Plus, as Baby Javier is sure to get dragged, dropped, drooled on or worse – Moms and Dads will be happy to know that he cleaned up easy enough with a warm wash cloth.

Baby Javier is cute. Super-cute. Put Baby Javier in a pile of other dolls and it is no surprise to see little ones grab him out. His cute smile and bright colors are sure to catch the attention of your little one!

Well, Baby Javier is a doll, and while he does play a few different songs, that is where it ends. There are no other outfits…no way to increase the number of songs. We’re not saying that lacking those features are exactly a bad thing -it’s just when it comes to dolls some are a bit more functional than others.

The retail price for Baby Javier is $24.99. In a blind survey we came up with a price between $18-$20 – so not too far off. You won’t find many quality dolls for less than $20 – but we’re still holding out hope!

Well, Baby Javier certainly isn’t the first doll we’ve ever seen. And Baby Javier isn’t the first doll we’ve ever seen that plays music. He’s cute. He’ll bring a smile to the face of little boys and girls – but he isn’t all-original.

Overall Baby Javier is an adorable little guy that would make a perfect addition to your child’s doll collection. Yes, the songs that he sings are of Hispanic decent – so on the surface many non-Hispanic people might think he isn’t for them. But take another look. His cute little smile is sure to put a smile on your child’s face. There are translations included to all of the songs that Javier sings. And…with today’s ever-evolving world there are so many more positives than negatives to opening up your child’s mind to new cultures at a young age. We love Baby Javier and we know your child will too!

Manufacturer: Baby Abuelita Productions, LLC
Recommended Age: 2 - 6 years
Retail Price: $24.99
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