Left Behind in LEGO-land

Dear LEGO Product Development Officer,

On a recent trip to the Orlando area, a scheduled stop at the LEGO store left my family and I deeply disappointed.  As a parent of two small children I am extremely particular about how and where I spend my family’s income.  I consciously avoid toys that shoot, provide no purpose, or foster or create negative body images.  I have a boy and a girl, and because of that I often try to purchase gender neutral toys.  To those of you with small children, you know that is becoming more and more challenging.

Prior to our trip we had told our kids that they could each pick one present while we were on vacation.  We then talked to them about the amazing LEGO Store located at Downtown Disney.  We talked about the life like LEGO sculptures, the huge play area, and the enormous variety of LEGO sets available for purchase.  Both kids were really excited to visit the store, and we were feeling pretty groovy about the fact that we were going to end up buying a great toy (not some over-priced theme park junk).  

In reality, it didn’t take all that much convincing; both of my kids already love LEGOS.  Nearly every day we take out our crate of LEGOS and the kids create.  Houses, zoos, skyscapers – you name it – they build it!  My family is definitely a LEGO crew. 

When we arrived at Downtown Disney, the LEGO Store was under construction and had temporarily moved to a new location. The kids took this as well as a 4 and 6 year old could – with a bit of disappointment – but all was ok, because we were REALLY there to buy something.

My husband took my daughter, and I went searching with my son. We spent time looking at the Kingdom Sets, the Pirate Sets, and of course the Star Wars Sets. Before my son and I were even halfway through the temporary store, my daughter walked over to us and simply said “there is nothing for me here.” 

Slightly taken back I answered her…“Ummm we are in a huge store full of a brand of toy that you love, how is that even possible?”

So I take my daughters hand and start walking around the store in a completely logical fashion. There is a high probability that my husband got either bored or distracted (or both) and brought her back too early. 

Unfortunately – that wasn’t the case.  She was absolutely right.  There was nothing there for her to buy.

I ask you dear LEGO officer, how can you have a store with no (and I really mean none, zip, zero, zilch), either gender neutral or ‘girl’ themed sets?  I have an easy going kid. She can be easily convinced that one set is cooler, more fun or interesting than another when we want her to. There were absolutely no sets for her to choose from.

Thanks to one (expensive) Ghirardelli Sundae and a visit to another toy store, she has recovered.  I however have not.  I came home and did a little internet research.  I looked at the lego.com website and was saddened to discover that it wasn’t that this particular store didn’t offer a variety of products, but that the entire line of themed products is heavily boy weighted.

I understand that LEGOS are LEGOS.  My kids can build whatever they want to build, and they do.  It doesn’t however, change the fact that little girls don’t have great LEGO options.  I’m not saying we need Princess or Barbie LEGOS, but we do want to be included.  And we will buy!  Please consider.


Ali W—-, Just another Mom on the Run