Brain Noodles®

Make your own noodle creations! With this colorful assortment, you can use your noodle to bend, twist, and create anything you can imagine! Craft fun for kids of all ages; birthday gifts, quiet play time, party favors, learning tools, brainstorming, ice breakers for parties, centerpieces, stress toys, luggage id, fundraisers, and more! With all the possibilities, Brain Noodles™ can be used again and again in unlimited ways.

Package contains 12 assorted Brain Noodles™; 10 vibrant colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Lime, Orange, Yellow, White, and Zebra; Activity Booklet included.

Are Brain Noodles easy to use? Hmm…not really that tough of a question. By pre-school age, most kids have had their fair share of pipe-cleaner fun….well…think of Brain Noodles as gigantic pipe cleaners that your little ones are going to flip over! And yes – they know what to do with them!

The Brain Noodles package does come with an instruction guide that younger kids will want a little help with if they are going to make more complex creations. But if your kids will just want to create on their own, they’ll be twisting and turning in the blink of an eye!

How durable are gigantic pipe cleaners? Pretty darn durable! Think about it – resourceful Moms and Dads have been saving and reusing everyday size pipe cleaners for projects for years. With a little attention and care, you’ll be able to save the enormous Brain Noodles for multiple use as well. And – if your kids create a bevy of animals – those guys will last long. No durability concerns here!

Brain Noodles pack a surprising amount of visual appeal when they are in the box. Spread them out on a table and watch out because a herd of kids is going to head your way. And if you create a few animals before unleashing the little ones, you’ll draw even more in!

Whether creating on their own or following the directions, kids will find hours of creative fun with Brain Noodles. With the sky as the limit, little ones will find plenty of function in this simple arts and crafts product.

With a retail price of $15.95, Brain Noodles falls into a very comfortable, affordable price point for an arts and crafts project for your own kids, or as a gift for others. Add in that the enormous pipe cleaners are re-usable if cared for properly and you are looking at a value!

Well – they are pretty much big pipe cleaners…and they aren’t the only ones on the market today. Even so, we love the ability for kids to follow project directions, or make-up their own designs, for extra original projects.

Overall our team really likes Brain Noodles. It is a simple idea, but a good one, that your kids are sure to enjoy playing with. Brain Noodles are priced fairly, and believe us, your kids will want to start creating the second they lay their eyes on them!

Manufacturer: Brain Noodles
Recommended Age: 5 years and up
Retail Price: $15.95
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