Stuck at Home with a Sick Little One

Today I want to write about the fun stuff: My favorite toys. If you have been reading this blog you know that my little one has had a tumultuous tummy. To catch you up, he was in the hospital for a few days, and then at home for a week. He finally went back to school, but unfortunately suffered a relapse and is now home with me…..again.

Before going forward I think you need some basic information about me. I am not, nor have I ever been a teacher. I am not the kind of person who looks through a paper towel tube and sees a project to make. Having little one at home has been a major challenge for me. I happen to be extremely fortunate and I have some super friends, and some connections at a great toy review company who have graced my home with some really cool stuff. I also want to say upfront, that this blog is not sponsored and what you read is really just one mom’s (and her kids’) opinion on some cool new toys.

The Magic School Bus Company makes a “Going Green” project kit that is awesome. It is a kit full of materials, questions AND answers, explanations, and really easy step by step instructions. We learned all about evaporation, and put it in action. We recycled paper to make pulp and then we made our own paper. We also did a really cool experiment to learn all about composting. This kit was interesting for both my child and me. There are still a ton of experiments that we have not explored yet, but we have been really excited by what we completed. I am definitely going to give this as a birthday gift for a curious kid.

My little ones teachers stopped by one afternoon and brought with them the “Ultimate Box of Projects”. The person that came up with this idea is a genius! They put a million arts and crafts items (including the glue) in one box with easy simple to read instructions. This one little box has over thirty projects with easy directions that my kid could actually do by himself. There was tissue paper animals, stickers, paper puppets, clay animals, mosaics, etc. We keep coming back to this box. It is so easy to get a project going, easy to clean up, and isn’t finished after using it just once. We love arts and crafts, and this box hit the jackpot on every level! Not only would I definitely buy this box of projects, I will have my kid’s teachers go kid present shopping with me in the future.

Like most houses we have your typical coloring paraphernalia. We have markers, crayons, paints, scissors, glue and paper. I have creative kids who have wild imaginations and we generally do ok on a rainy day without turning on the TV. While I have been making books and signs the creative marketing team at Crayola has been hard at work…..really hard at work. They have come up with some really ingenious products. They have a whole line of products that are mess free. When my kid uses these special markers on their special paper, there literally is no mess. The markers and paints don’t show up on clothes, floors, walls or furniture. We have painted pictures with mess free paints where the brush lights up the same color as the paint when it is near the paper. We also really enjoyed coloring mess free stickers with our mess free markers. These mess free story stickers can go on the wall to make a scene. The really fun part is that they are re-positional stickers so the scene can change with little ones ideas. Also there were over 50 stickers in the box so sharing with little one’s sister was not an issue.

While being at home is probably not our first choice. We are having fun working on projects and playing with our new gear! I hope next week, I can write while little one is back at school!