Pedestal Pets Pencil Toppers


Pedestal Pets is the new educational toy line of animal pencil toppers.  There are 3 series available:  Neighborhood, Safari and Barnyard Friends.  Each package comes with 4 Animal Toppers, 4 Coordinating Pencils, and 4 Fun Fact Trading Cards.  With parent’s help, kids can also go online to for an fun online experience!

Outside of getting into the packaging (we love modern packaging!) there’s absolutely nothing difficult here! Open the pack, hand the Pedestal Pets over to your kids and watch them enjoy! Younger kids may need a little help reading the Collector’s Cards – but other than that – Pedestal Pets are super easy to use!

Pedestal Pets are soft…they’re squishy…and they are fun to look at and play with! And happily, they are made well too! After plenty of squishing, squeezing and pulling, we found no cause for concern in the durability department!

If you think these little guys aren’t super-cute you need to think again! And if the wide eyes and big smiles of the kids we shared these little guys with are any indication – you are definitely looking at a toy well earning it’s five stars in this category!

Well, let’s be honest here…Pedestal Pets themselves don’t really do much. They sit on top of a pencil. We get that. And we get that kids love them. But other than that, there isn’t much use beyond that. However, the folks from Pedestal Pets must have understood that themselves because they took the time to add some additional functionality to keep the fun going. First, by including Collector’s Cards, kids have another chance to learn and enjoy their new toy. Next, Pedestal Pets created an online component ( where kids can go on the computer, name their pets, print out certificates, and enjoy some fun activities.

So…while Pedestal Pets themselves aren’t exactly the most functional toys we’ve ever come across, we do give some nice added consideration to the extras that are included.

Pedestal Pets have a retail price of $9.99 – that includes 4 pets, pencils and cards. We would have liked to see the pricing just a bit lower, but in comparison with similar products on the market today it would be wrong to say they are overpriced.

As we just mentioned, there are some similar products taking hold in today’s marketplace. And of course, pencil toppers have been around for years. But we especially like the spin Pedestal Pets has added by including the Collector’s Cards and the online component.

Pedestal Pets are wonderful, fun, collectibles for kids of all ages! They are fun to look at, fun to hold, and fun to play with. Kids just love them – and we understand why! And well, our parents were pretty pleased too – pricing isn’t too high, the pets are durable, and are certainly easy to use! Five stars it is!

Manufacturer: Inspired Design, LLC
Recommended Age: 5 - 13 years
Retail Price: $9.99
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