Chop balanceBIKE from Prince Lionheart

Prince Lionheart’s chop balance BIKE™ will teach your child how to balance – a crucial skill necessary before transitioning to a two-wheeled pedal bicycle. Your child’s sense of independence and self-confidence will become apparent as they learn to balance and steer at their own pace: first walking, then gliding!

• Solid rubber handgrips.
• Height adjustable, padded seat 14.8in – 17in.
• 14in and 12in rubber tires.
• 100% birch frame from an FSC certified forest.
• 2-5 years.

Similar to other ride-ons in the category, the Chop balanceBIKE from Prince Lionheart isn’t exactly difficult to use, but a lot depends on the child. Many children can hop on board and hit the ground running (or riding?!). But there are some kids that will need a bit more practice and training. Be patient though – cause once they get it the fun is endless!

Prince Lionheart seems to have a great reputation as far as durability of their products goes – and the Chop balanceBIKE is no exception. Well made, super-durable, and ready to handle the best (and worst) your kids can throw at it!

Is there visual appeal?! Oh – yeah! Your little tough guy (or girl) will love riding along on their balanceBIKE designed to look like a classic chopper. This ride on definitely looks cool!

Prince Lionheart ride-ons are so much fun for little ones. Once they get the hang of it they have their first taste of freedom – and boy do they love it. Most of the kids we put on the Chop did not want to get off of it – now that makes it functional if you ask us!

The Chop balanceBIKE is not on the low-end when it comes to price. But remember, this is a ride-on for kids – and it needs to be made durable. With that said, you may have to pay a few extra dollars for the Chop, but you are going to get a bike that is going to last and last.

Nothing original about a balance-type ride-on right? Wrong! Take a look at this bad-boy! It’s all original chopper styling will have your little one picking it out over any other ride-on! Awesome original styling!

Is there any question? Prince Lionheart has done it again – with an awesome ride-on, well deserving of our top rating. Yes, the price is a little higher than other ride-ons. But if you can handle the price, you are looking at one ride-on that your child not going to want to get off of! Five stars for sure!

Manufacturer: Prince Lionheart
Recommended Age: 2 - 5 years
Retail Price: $99.00
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