StoryPlay Cards from Think-a-lot Toys

StoryPlay Cards is a deck of storytelling and playing cards that works like a playing card deck for the right side of the brain. Deal cards to each person and start telling a story. Play classic card games like Spoons, Match Up, Battle and Concentration. Use the cards to start conversations about what matters. With 90 beautifully illustrated cards and more than a dozen different ways to play with the cards, you’ll be amazed at what these cards can do.

Game Contents: 88 Illustrated Cards, 2 Wild Cards, Rulebook, Guidebook to the Cards, Velour Pouch.

StoryPlay Cards aren’t exactly difficult to figure out how to use, but at the same time, gameplay does take some effort. Creativity and imagination come naturally to kids – but encouraging them to use those tools – well that’s a different story!

There are several ways in which to use StoryPlay Cards to play games (more on that later in functionality), or you can just deal out the cards to inspire creative story-telling. Again, the concepts aren’t difficult to work with, but it just may take a little creative motivation on the part of a parent to get the kids excited and interested.

No major durability concerns here – the cards are all made well and should last if cared for properly. But, there lies the rub! If your kids are harder on their toys or known for losing pieces, you’ll want to be extra cautious during clean-up time to make sure all cards get back where they are supposed to.

Let’s face it….card games are not computer games…they are not DS games…and they are not Wii games…we know that. And in today’s ever competitive kids toy and game arena, it is often difficult to compete with toys that buzz, flash, shoot or sing. That is, however, the beauty of StoryPlay Cards. They are designed to take your kids away from that electronic, computer world – and get their creativity flowing again. The only problem is kids don’t always choose creativity first – they run for the electronics. So….Moms, Dads, caregivers, etc. – the Visual Appeal may not be as exciting as the latest video game – but if you can get your kids creative juices flowing StoryPlay Cards may come off the shelf more than you might expect.

StoryPlay Cards can be used in a big, big variety of ways. Kids can play classic card games that they are used to – games like Spoons, Concentration, Poker or Animal Slap….and…kids can make up their own creative stories, discuss the pictures, and just imaginatively play. Once the kids start getting into the flow of creating on their own the function is absolutely endless.

With a suggested retail price of $19.99, StoryPlay Cards came in considerably higher than we would have expected. The packaging is top quality, and the cards are very colorful and well made. Yet, when it comes down to it, StoryPlay Cards are essentially a card game – or a couple sets of cards – and unfortunately we were thinking the pricing would be about half of what is suggested.

What StoryPlay Cards lacks in pricing it certainly makes up for in originality! Think-a-lot Toys has done it again! They’ve created a toy or a game that we’ve never seen before, and given a new twist on how to play it. Truly impressive in idea and execution.

StoryPlay Cards are not even close to typical when it comes to toys or card games for kids. We are talking about a toy that is designed to inspire imagination. Inspire creative storytelling. And yes, we absolutely love that. The next difficult part of that equation is parents finding a way to spark that imagination in their kids. StoryPlay Cards help do that – but not without a bit of help from parents in getting the kids interested. If a parent is successful in creating that spark, StoryPlay Cards can provide hours of fun, imaginative, creative play!

Manufacturer: Think-a-lot Toys
Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Retail Price: $19.99
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