The Toys I Hate the Most!

When I am opening some toys (and I know you know which ones) I sometimes feel there must be a toy company executive (or two) sitting in some fancy office laughing at me. I believe they must get great enjoyment from imagining parents time and time again fighting with the packaging. There really is no other reasonable explanation for the vault that toys these days come in. I will reserve my right to discuss the harm to the environment, and how we as consumers can do infinitely better for another blog. 

First I search for scissors to help cut, chop and saw the super-glued plastic first layer. I begin my toy unwrapping mantra…ommmmm! I take a few cleansing breaths while simultaneously trying not to cut myself with the now open but very sharp plastic. Those plastic paper cuts are the WORST!

Having successfully removed the plastic I now have said item, impatient child(ren) and a  number of twisted wires covered in plastic to contend with. For some reason these wires are never uniformly twisted. It becomes a puzzle, complicated by the fact that at least one if not both of my kids are trying so sweetly to be helpful but are really just jumping all over me, re-twisting the wires I just successfully untwisted. Ommmmmm. Success!

Now this is the part I really don’t understand. Why are the battery compartments for toys equipped with screws so small? Can we not just all get along and use a philips head screwdriver? I stand up with toy in hand, I hope and pray that I have batteries, and I search for the screwdriver I know I threw in that drawer for just his occasion. Ommmmm! Success.

I feel proud knowing I have triumphed over that package. I think I will go enjoy a cup of coffee now that my kids will be entertained for a while!